Another box came! Saladbox’s Holiday Box

by Carol Ranas
6 minutes read
If you follow my blog, you have read my view of Saladbox and my not-so-good experience. I have long forgiven and forgotten about my not so good experience with them and decided to move on, yet a box on my doorstep is a big surprise. It’s like an ex who suddenly pops out of the blue and revives all the feelings you have that were long buried deep in your heart.

A pink box came in the latter part of January. Let’s just say that Saladbox’s courier was too busy that they delivered their holiday box too late. Whatever reason they have, the important thing is my 3/4 Saldbox subscription came. And the redeeming factor, which made me giddy and excited all over, was it was a dainty Benefit box.

Saladbox teamed up with world-renowned brand, Benefit for their holiday box. Saladbox has hinted at the collaboration in their social media sites, and I was one happy gal because I was one of the few (I guess) who got these boxes. Let’s take a peek at what’s inside this dainty pink box:

Benefit X Saladbox Workshop Ticket and Benefit Treat Makeover
I was excited when I saw that there was a pass included inside the box. Once I saw it, I immediately booked a seat in the Greenbelt branch, but schedules were changed and slots were easily filled up, I ended up reserving a slot at the BGC branch. I have yet to use the Makeover treat, but I’m finding the right occasion to give it a try.
Instant Comeback Facial Serum (full size – Php2,500)
I’ve incorporated serums into my daily skincare routine. I particularly love the fast-absorbing formula which makes it easier for me to move to my next skincare step. There has been a difference in my skin quality since I started using this serum.
POREfessional Primer (full size – Php1,700)
The POREfessional primer is one of Benefit’s bestseller. A lot of beauty enthusiasts swear by it, testifying that it indeed minimizes the appearance of pores and gives your face the perfect blank canvas before make-up. I have not tried using any type of primer for my skin. I have a dry-sensitive type of skin which makes it hard for me to use a mattifying primer.
They’re Real! Lengthening mascara (full size – Php1,300)
Both Benefit mascaras are superb. They effectively open up my eyes by revealing my sparse lashes. The pigment and fiber are not as hard to remove as the Maybelline mascaras, which was very convenient for me.
Roller Lash (full size – Php1,300)

Overall, I was over-the-top happy with what I got. I’ll share my SaladboxXBenefit Workshop experience in a separate post. I still have one undelivered box from Saladbox, but I’m not getting my hopes up or expecting anything from them. If I didn’t get the last box, it’s fine for I already have forgiven them and moved on. I’ll just charge it to experience. If I DID get something, then great! At least they tried to deliver even though it was a year too late.

What items in the Saladbox Holiday box did you like?

I know this is a long overdue post, but pardon me for my whole February and March were jam-packed with preparations for the wedding. I’ll also share my experiences as a “soon-to-be bride” in a different blog post. Hopefully, I can catch up on all the activities and experiences I have lined up to share with you, my dear readers. In the meantime, please bear with me.. 😉

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