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One good thing here in Singapore is that breakfast fare are available all day. Ever since moving to Singapore, I learned to love a good ol’ toast sandwich. You can find the staple kaya toast sandwiches everywhere in Singapore. Eating kaya toast or sweet toasts all day everyday can tire out your palate, so unique flavored sandwiches are a warm welcome to foodies like me.

Eggstop is a quaint store that mainly sell thick sandwiches with savory fillings. Their menu is not as extensive as other stores, but that’s the beauty of it. If you are tired of eating sugar-filled sanwiches, Eggstop got you covered for they mainly serve savory sandwiches.

They opened a small store in Paya Lebar Square. They currently have 6 sandwiches that you can try namely, Beef Teriyaki, Turkey Bacon and Cheese, Chicken Ham and Cheese, Spicy Corn and Cheese, Smoked Chicken and Classic Tuna.

My old foodie self (without the dairy restriction) would have ordered everything in the menu and tried them for you guys. For now, I ordered two for us to try. I ordered the Beef Teriyaki (lesser evil) and the Chicken Ham and Cheese.

Beef Teriyaki Sandwich

The sandwich consists of thin beef slices with their signature sauce nesting in two soft thick slices of bread, topped with an egg yolk. I asked the staff to remove the yolk.

The sandwich is savoringly delicious! It is like a teriyaki gyudon in a sandwich. The price is a little bit reasonable given that there is generous amount of beef. Overall, $6 for a sandwich for me is a bit steep, it’ll be considered an indulgence.

Chicken Ham and Cheese

The sandwich consists of a chicken ham slice, cheese, scrambled eggs and their signature sauce. This one is for my husband, and he told me he liked it. I did took a little bite (sorry Daxton!) and it tastes like your favorite ham and cheese sandwich.

It is quite basic yet filling. The price is also a bit steep for a basic sandwich. Flavor-wise, it can be a good grub for hungry people.

Eggstop is a sandwich store that sells good savory sandwiches. Their prices are a bit higher than a normal sandwich, which compensates for the depth of flavor and taste. I wouldn’t mind buyimg another sandwich from them if I am hungry and wanted a filling snack.

Good News! They recently opened a new store in Chinatown. If you are a tourist visiting the Chinatown area, you can try this one out. I bet it is a good snack to bring while strolling around the area.

This is not a paid/sponsored post. All information present here are based on the author’s views and opinion.

What is your favorite sandwich? Let’s hear them in the comments below.

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