2009 Year in Review

by Carol Ranas
7 minutes read

Let’s reminisce and look back at what happened through this year 2009 as Yahoo Philippines had compiled the things that Filipinos had been busy searching throughout the year.

Here is the Top 10 searches in Yahoo Philippines:

  1. Manny Pacquiao – everyone in the whole world knows Manny Pacquiao. Not only the pride and glory of the Philippines, He is the best pound for pound boxer in the world. I beleive he had put the Philippines back on the map with all the glory he had achieved..
  2. Cory Aquino – Mrs. Aquino is the beloved wife of the late martyr Ninoy Aquino. She had been in the news when she was diagnozed of colon cancer and as she fight against it. But then, on August 1, she succumbed to cancer. Almost all Filipinos grieved because of the loss. She will always be remembered as one of the great presidents that our country had.
  3. Francis Magalona – He is the King of Pinoy Rap that had inspired many independent artist to dream big and pursue their dreams. His disease was known when his fighting against leukemia had reached the news. But on March 6, while his suffering ended, a lot of Filipinos grieved because of his loss. He had been an icon in the entertainment industry for touching many artist’s lives.
  4. Ondoy – Ondoy was the typhoon that many Filipinos never expected to have such a huge impact. Everybody knows that Philippines as an archipelago is prone to floods and rains, but Ondoy so far had been the worst that we had. Nobody expected Ondoy to be worse. It had literally almost submerged the Metro by its endless rains. While everybody is still recovering from Ondoy, along came his pal, Peping which made it hard to recover. Peping did not help in the recovery of the Metro, but worse it had the Central Luzon and some parts of the Southern Luzon also submerged in floodwater. I beleive it took a weeks up to a month before the water subsided.
  5. Dionisia Pacquiao – Who doesn’t know Aling Dionisia. She is the beloved mother of our champ, Manny Pacquiao. She rode the fame of his son and eventually entered the entertainment business. Everybody loved her and at the same time hated her.
  6. Shalani Soledad – She became famous when Kris Aquino made a big deal with her brother’s lovelife. She is the girlfriend of Senator Noynoy Aquino.
  7. Eraserheads – they had been on the headlines when the band decided to reunite after their disband on 2002. E-heads revived their magic to their die hard fans through their 2 last concerts together as a band.
  8. UAAP – Every season, college students have been very supportive with theri schools as they showcase their talents through sports. Though Basketball had been the mainstream in every season, it had never failed to show an important trait which everyone must have, and that is sportmanship and confidence.
  9. Mar and Korina – their love affair had been highly publicized when Mar proposed to Korina along with his proposition to run as President this coming election.
  10. PBA – Basketball had been the ultimate favorite sports and hobby of Filipinos. That’s why PBA has been really famous. Every game from every team had been the talk in every streets of the Philippines.

Top 10 News Searches:

  1. Cory Aquino – Her death had made a huge impact to the country. She had been known as the “Mother of Democracy” because she had been instated after the fall of the dictatorship in our country.
  2. Willie Revillame – Almost everyone hated Willie for removing the footage of Cory Aquino’s funeral at his show, Wowowee.
  3. Michael Jackson – MJ’s death had been a shock for everyone all over the world. It happened when He was on tour for his show. There had been many speculations that arised during that time.
  4. Typhoon Ondoy –
  5. Manny Pacquiao – He had been on the charts when he had beaten Ricky Hatton and Miguel Cotto this year that made his closet full of title belts.
  6. Francis Magalona -His death had been a sad thing that had happened in the country. But he will always be remembered for he had been an inspiration to every Filipino artists. Even Former Pres. Aquino visited his wake and acknowledged his contributions to the music industry.
  7. Typhoon Pepeng – While everyone is still recovering from Ondoy, along came Pepeng. He worsened the condition of the country as it took the Northern and Central Luzon by storm, which had surpassed the damage made by Ondoy.
  8. Noynoy Aquino – after his mother’s death, with the euphoria of Ninoy-Cory Martyrdom still alive, many of his collegiate and friends had urged him to run for presidency to continue the fight for change in our government. With that, a high expectation had been on Noynoy’s shoulder since he should live up to the achievements and name of his late parents.
  9. Ruffa Gutierrez – She had been on the headlines when she broke up and gone separate ways with her husband, Turkish prince, Yilmas Bektas and her alleged relationship with the younger star, John Lloyd Cruz.
  10. Ted Failon – News broke about the death of his wife. What made him to the top is the accusation of him behind the murder of his wife which his family members claimed to be a suicide. His trial along with his personal tragedy has made him buzz like fire in the news. But after the trial, he had his slate clean for his wife’s death.

Top 10 Celebrity Searches:

  1. Maricar Reyes – She is one of the women in the Sex Videos scandal of Hayden Kho. Though she did not file a case against Hayden Kho, she did grab her chance on the limelight.
  2. Angel Locsin – her breakup with Luis Manzano along with her nomination as Best Actress in The Emmy Awards for Lobo made her on the top search.
  3. Sandara Park – The Pambansang Krung Krung had made her comeback when her band, 2NE1 hit the music charts here.
  4. Pamela Bianca Manalo – She won the title Bb. Pilipinas-Universe and was the country’s bet in the Miss Universe pageant.
  5. Kris Aquino -Let’s face it. Kris Aquino had been always famous because of her being taklesa that made her even more charming and sometimes irritating. There’s no wonder why she belonged to the top 10 searches. But what made her top this year was not only her headlines but also her touching eulogy for her late mother’s wake.
  6. Marian Rivera – She had surely winned Dingdong’s heart and the hearts of the Filipinos because of her portrayal of Marimar, Dyesebel, and now as the famous Filipina superhero,, Darna.
  7. Michael Jackson – His death had hit the news rapidly, specially with the suspicious reason of his death. But after a few investigations, it had been concluded that he died of anaesthetic overdose. He can be last seen in his movie, “This is It”.
  8. Coco Martin – He had been known as the “Prince of Indie Films” because of all his portrayals in most of the critically acclaimed indie films. Lately, he hit the mainstream and became also famous with his role in the primetime show, Tayong Dalawa.
  9. Anne Curtis – She had an accident this July and wore a wedding gown for her show, The wedding.
  10. Judy Ann Santos – She had been engaged to actor, Ryan Agoncillo and had their private wedding this year in Batangas.

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