2010, at last.. (My very first post this year)

by Carol Ranas
3 minutes read
After 13 days, I mustered some time to write my very first post for 2010. It’s been a few days when thoughts have been mulling inside my head, and I couldn’t find the time to pour them all out here. I was hoping I could frequently write here all the thoughts jumbling through my head (which by the way works well when I’m in the bathroom or doing something else.. 😉 hahaha.. )
Now I am going to do a recap of everything that had been going inside this head of mine this past few days of 2010..
I have been busy surfing the net doing some searches while I was still unsure of what my first post will be like. This 2010, I’ve been meaning to re-vamp my blog and make it more personal. The search had been time consuming and it made my aim more scattered ( The name, Miss Scattered Brain suits me really well..)
I’ve been looking for horoscopes, insights, health tips, dresses, new phones, etc… until I was lost. Usually, aside from Facebook, this tedious search had consumed most of my time before I even get to decide which one I will first post here. So, when I am away from the net, I tried to jot down the things in my mind through Joel’s phone (his phone is better than mine, it allowed me to read e-books and had my to-do list flash every time I check the phone..)
Anyway, enough with the blabber, Here are the things I’ve been meaning to have on my new re-vamped blog:
  • A 2010 Virgo Horoscope insight for the whole year..
  • A list of New Years Resolution (And hopefully I could adhere the whole year)
  • Insight on my goals in life this 2010
  • A long list of Wishlist (Hopefully I could tick some of it..)
  • I am meaning to have a daily entry her, but I bumped on something amazing on cher cabula’s mindbox.. A PHOTOBLOG!! If I ever run out of word to say here, especially on a long boring day when all I did was be glued on Facebook, I could just snap some photos of something interesting going on my environment.
  • Some news on what’s happening around the globe that interests my ever curious mind..
This had been a broad and long list and I am not that confident that I can manage to write all of them on my blog. I also don’t know how I can beg Joel to find time to re-vamp my blog, He’s been always busy, especially with his graduation coming up.

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Cher Cabula February 6, 2010 - 2:16 pm

aaaaw thank you for visiting my blog. 🙂