A whole week of MEEEE!!!!!

by Carol Ranas
1 minutes read
With all the fashion blogs I’ve been reading and following, I got hyped up to do a fashion blog. But there are several reasons why I couldn’t do it, reasons are:
  • With the frugality in me, I couldn’t bear splurging all of my moolahs on clothes and other things aside from food.
  • I know I’ll be too lazy to think of witty things to day on how my day went.
  • I have a very limited wardrobe and there are some days that I look sloppy and unattractive (or I was too lazy to get my hair fixed, put on make-up and my contacts, mix match my clothes, etc…)
But this week, I managed to go the extra mile of dressing up. Personally, I don’t look good on pictures, but with a someone with a good eye, I could also look good pala. Joel take good pictures me, so here’s the compilation of my artsy-bitsy side this week in a slideshow..

Hope you enjoyed the slide as I have enjoyed making it..

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