Alyanna's Fitness Party at Eastwood Mall

by Carol Ranas
7 minutes read
*late post*

I signed up for Alyanna’s Fitness Party at Eastwood Mall hosted by Megaworld Lifestyle Malls last July 21, 2013. I’ve been wanting to join Alyanna’s fitness party because I’ve been hearing great feedback about it. Her fitness party has been going on for quite some time, and this is the first time I was able to signed up for it (The event is exclusive and by invite only).

I was not feeling well the whole weekend so I was hoping to feel a bit better once I got my doze of cardio and workout. The whole day was packed with activities which made more giddy.

I was all excited for the Kangoo Jump activity. So even if it is 2:00PM in the blaring heat, and me feeling a bit under the weather, I braved it just to experience Kangoo Jumps by the FTX gym. It was my first time doing the Kangoo Jumps, and let me tell you, it was a lot of fun! Kangoo Jumps are designed to provide resistance and has an added 20% burning capacity.

Since I arrived past 2PM, almost all small kangoo jum shoes were taken. My Kangoo jump shoes were medium and too big for my petite  size 5 feet, but I didn’t care, It was like exercising with added weights on your feet while maintaining your balance. A lot of the exercises incorporated jumps, so I easily got tired halfway through (talk about not being able to hold my own weight).

After that very tiring activity, I opted out the Circuit Training by Safe House Manila. I’m quite familiar with circuit training, and I know that it would definitely use up all my energy. I was trying to last the whole afternoon of exercises.

I was able to join the Arm and Ab express by Plana Forma which burned a good amount of fats on my body, Sunset Yoga by One life Studio where I was stretched beyond imaginable, Body Combat at Pop Mix by Gold’s Gym which were a lot of fun dancing and sweating; a Burlesque and Dance showdown from THE G-Force; and a cool down zumba from Beyond Yoga.

I’m beside Alyanna, LUCKY!
Game face ON! 
Find me at the right most part

A lot of activities had been prepared for everyone who was invited. There were food and drink stalls free for everyone, like Blondie Desserts, Pingu Mushroom Fries, Cobo Awesome PossibiliTEAs, Pipino and Fitness Gourmet PH; some services like Bluewater Day Spa, Tokyo Posh, Goody, VitWater and GNC; and of course gym centers like FTX Gym, Safehouse Manila, Plana Forma, One Life Studio, Gold’s Gym, Beyond Yoga where you can get a free trial.

After all the sweat and energy spent the whole afternoon, each participant gets to take home a goody bag which was packed with good stuff from the sponsors. Here’s what mine looks like:

I joined almost all activity. It was exhausting but at the same time fun. I am expecting the after effect to not be great when I wake up the next day. I hope I could join Alyanna’s Fitness Party again.

Still having fun after more than 5 hours of workout at Alyanna’s Fitness Party

For more information and updates, like their Facebook page.

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Alyanna Martinez March 4, 2014 - 1:20 am

Thanks for this post! Hope you join us again this saturday for our Anniversary event:)

Carol Ranas March 5, 2014 - 4:43 pm

Thanks Alyanna!

I'll surely invite my friends to come.. 🙂