American Idol Season 8 Winner

by Carol Ranas
2 minutes read

And the next American Idol is…..

Kris Allen!!!

For some, this may be quite a shock. Ever since the season has started everyone was rooting for Adam Lambert. Based from the judges’ comments down to his performances, before the half of the season, clearly, everyone was speculating that Adam Lambert will surface as the winner based on his talent and performances.

But whoa, on the final night, there goes the twist. Both gave their best performance that night and when the decision came out, everyone was at shock, even the winner himself.

Based from his interviews after the show, Kris Allen is in shock and could not believe that he is now the new American Idol. He never expected to win for somehow on the back of his mind, he is also expecting Adam to win. According to him, He was already happy that he had been part of the top 2. He also admires Adam Lambert’s talent. He just could not believe his luck of winning the title.

Adam Lambert, AI season 8 1st runner up

By the way, Kris Allen’s winning single (based fom AI tradition) “No Boundaries” and it is now available on Itunes. Congratulations Kris!!

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