August Haul

by Carol Ranas
5 minutes read

*I know it’s kinda late, but i was having a hard time rummaging all of my photos. I had many photos that needed to be organized. BTW, this is my first haul post.

With me being so frugal, it was a shock that I’ve ordered and bought several things this month. (Good thing, the other things I wanted to buy out of whim was out of stock.. hehehe..)

Here’s what I got: (though it’s not much)
(More info on the products after the jump) 

  1. 5 piece brush set
  2. Avon Simply Pretty Face Powder with Refill
  3. Avon Simply Pretty Lipstick in Cool Coral
  4. Maybelline Volume Express Hypercurl Mascara

  • 5 piece Brush Set

I found these dainty brushes at a tiangge at Tutuban Center when we were looking for induction-friendly but cheap pots (We bought an electric induction stove to replace our gas stove). I personally do not know how to use make-up brushes for I tend to use my fingers when applying make-up.

They are synthetic brushes from China. Eversince I got to test the very soft bristles of the brushes from Ellana, I told myself that soft brushes would be friendly with my uber-sensitive skin when I apply make-up.

This set is the only set that has soft bristles. I dunno why, but the other packs have stiff bristles. It was so cheap and soft that I decided to buy it.

  • Avon Simply Pretty Face Powder with Refill

My Maybelline pressed powder had been used up, and I was in need of a new powder. I saw these on sale at a catalog that I decided to buy and use it for the meantime.


I also purchased a refill in a different shade just to try which shade fits me best.

  • Avon Lipstick in Cool Coral

I am not a lipstick fan. I have uneven lips, so applying lipstick that makes my lips look even was challenging. But I have noticed that I look too pale everytime I go on a no-makeup (lazy day) look. Everyone was always asking me if I look alright because I really look pale.

I loved red and pink shades, so I’m not a fan of corals and nudes. But from all the beauty blogs I’ve been reading, they all the same thing. Corals and nude are great for everyday look. It would really rock if you’ve found a shade that is near the real shade of your lips. And it is true, they look lovely (and pretty much healthy) in those shades, so I might as well give corals a try.

So far, this shade has a pink shade (I was expecting a slight orangey-pink shade). It really look great on me. I looked healthy (no more pale face). I’ve been using this eversince.

  • Maybelline Volume Express Hypercurl Mascara

I love what this mascara did to my lashes. It really volumized it, making my peepers more pretty. I first used it when I went to my sisters debut party. A really good mascara works wonders on my eyes.

The only downside (and upside too) that it is waterproof. The downside for me is that I really need a make-up remover to completely remove the fibers from the mascara. I tried just using cleanser and toner (which I usually do), but no luck. I must include a make-up remover in my stash if I want to use this regularly.

** I’ll update this post when I found my pic using all these products.

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