COSMO Bash 2010 at the World Trade Center

by Carol Ranas
13 minutes read
The Cosmo Bachelor Bash 2010 was held at the World Trade Center last September 9, 2010. Luckily, I got my friend another ticket, so I didn’t came alone at the bash.
We arrived around 8PM(as suppose to the 7PM schedule stated at the ticket) and we noticed a long queue of lines outside. I was surprised with the volume of invited people(way too many compared last year) and the show hasn’t started yet(even the VIP and PRESS pips are still in line outside).

As we enter, we were greeted by male models on cages. The theme for this year was Wild DoMENation, as in picture yourself in the jungle surrounded by these men and exotic animals kind of WILD. We were so excited that we took pictures immediately along the Cosmo backdrop and with the caged models.
The venue was a lot bigger and there were more booths scattered in the area with designated male models in them waiting for the ladies. (San Miguel, Caronia, Jergens, Baicapture, AloYouth, Lick, Nike, and I forgot the name of the catering service and one pharmaceutical booth I think.) There were also long lines at the booth, eager ladies waiting to have their kodak moments with the male models.

The booth we enjoyed most were at the Caronia, Jergens and AloYouth. The guys at those booths were super friendly and game. (I know I got their names, but with plently of half-naked male species, their names rambled and got lost on my brain.)
The event was hosted by no other than Joey Mead (she hosted last year’s bash also). The party started with some games. The games were too hot to handle, (not to mention the hunks that was used as props at the games).
The spread was kicked off by no other than Aljur Abrenica! He grazed his way on to the stage in a cage with a mask.
Along came many half-naked men which made the girl (and even male) audience scream to the top of their lungs. I think there were plenty of men this year because I recognized some of the models from last year’s bash together with the newly introduced 69 bachelors. The show was really sizzling hot because male models tried their best to capture the audience in way unimaginable (inert censor here) 😉
And last, but not the least, the 10 Centerfold models strut their thing on the stage which made some chaos of screams vibrating through the whole venue.
Here are the Centerfolds that made the stage sizzle that night:
Joross Gamboa
Fabio Ide
Marco Mañalac
Bryan Foronda
Tom Rodriguez
Rocco Nacino
Matteo Guidicelli
Carlo Guevarra
Christian Bautista
Sam Milby
Aren’t these models hot or what? Unluckily, since we arrived late, We weren’t able to secure a place near the stage. If so, then we could have been in heaven.. ahahaha..

We weren’t able to capture much pictures of the models, but we sure had some video caps of the show. The sad thing is that my digicam’s battery went low just in time for the 10 Centerfolds (boohoo!!).

We had fun that night. The models are really nice (aside from the fact that they are such an adonis in nature). Till next year, and the years more on celebrating MEN, MEN, MEN!! They surely know how to make us women blush.

I still do hope my ever loving boyfriend would allow me to go next year without having tantrums.

Oh, I remembered, I noticed some of the women in the bash came with their boyfriends (I noticed a few). I wonder how their night turned out.. ahahaha.. I do hope they enjoyed the bash. ;p

On the side note:
This is what I wore on the bash:
on me: Blazer from Landmark, Dress made by me, Shoes from thrift store, Corset from YRYS
**proper photo credits linked at

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