Master Cleanse Day 3..

by Carol Ranas
3 minutes read

I was getting lazy to get out of bed because of  the hunger pangs. But I managed to get out at 11am. I’m feeling weak and a bit dizzy. I need to take my herbal tea for added energy. As the day progresses, the things I’m drinking is tasting ikky. I don’t know why. Some of the people that did the Master Cleanse claims that the juice tasted nice. How come it tastes worse for me??.. Maybe I need to add some sort of natural sugar. My body is repelling the lemon and cayenne powder mixture. I found a store in SM that sells freshly squeezed sugarcane juice. I think I’ll buy that one and add it in my juice for added calories.

We are planning to go to Shopwise for our weekly grocery shopping this afternoon. I’m just waiting for the bowel movement before we go..

While waiting for my bowel movement, I was keeping myself busy surfing the net and Facebook. I’m feeling weird, I’m feeling hot, like having a fever. Whenever I drink the juice, I’m having this feeling of puking. The tea was taking a long time to effect, I’m really leaning towards quiting because of what I am feeling, no perhaps I was thinking of cheating. My body is really a drag, I can’t do anything else but just sit or lie on the bed. I finished the 1L I prepared yesterday, I will prepare another later. I asked Joel to go to SM to buy me the fresh sugarcane juice so I can add it in the juice. (I read on one site that I can use fresh sugarcane juice as substitute for maple syrup, its much cheaper here for Php35/16oz) Still waiting for the move before going to Shopwise. (I hope it will not take long its kind of getting late already).
hard doing the
I was so tired from the grocery shopping earlier. My energy was depleted because of the walking aisle by aisle.It was torture especially seeing those yummy foods on the isle. On the back of my mind, I was secretly planning which food to eat after the cleanse. But I managed to control myself to buy some food for myself. I wanted to quit when Joel decided to eat dinner at the foodcourt, as we are passing through the stalls, I can clearly smell all those yummy foods which was making my stomach growl. The worse part was when I had to sit beside Joel and watch him eat his Chicken Hotdog and egg for dinner. Arghh. I am literally salivating that I had to turn away in order to control my urge to taste his food. Joel was hiding his laughter when he saw my expression. I don’t know why, but my sense of smell is getting distinct. I can smell anything even the unnoticeable ones. It’s weird and hard because I can smell what everyone was eating and it’s killing my self-control. That time, I decided I will just go for 5 days of cleanse so I can eat something already.

After arriving home, I went to bed already to rest my tired feet. I prepared the last lemons I had for tomorrow. I must buy lemons tomorrow after work.

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