Master Cleanse

by Carol Ranas
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Are you feeling sluggish everyday? Do you any pain in your body? Is your blood cholesterol high? Do you have difficulty breathing? Do you want to get rid of your allergies and diseases? or mainly, Do you want to lose weight fast? There is a natural remedy for all these dated back during the 1900’s. I might recommend you try the Master Cleanse.

Master Cleanse is a program made by Stanley Burroughs in 1941. Master Cleanse is considered as a detoxifying diet because it claims to removes the toxins from our body and at the same time cleanse all the organs of our body, giving our body a fresh new start. Usually, the cleanse lasts for 10 days but some people preferred extending the number of days to make sure that their body is fully cleansed. The Master Cleanse is also called as the Lemonade Diet because for the full 10 days, you will just be drinking the lemon concoction, no solid foods or whatsoever.

The cleanse may sound appealing especially if you wanted to lose weight fast. The cleanse can eliminate the toxins and excessive wastes that had been building up in our body. This means that all those unwanted fat will also come off. Some people who had tried the cleanse had testimonies to confirm that they lost enormous weight just by doing the cleanse. Even celebrities are doing the cleanse to prepare them for roles that they have to partake.

Before starting the cleanse, one may want to prepare themselves for the cleanse. It had been advised to do a conditioning plan 3 days before starting the cleanse. This includes cutting down the intake on processed food and stick to eating fruits and vegetables. This phase would help some to adjust to the cravings that they usually have. But this phase can be skipped out of you feel you are prepared to start the cleanse (meaning you have started eating healthy).

To start the cleanse, it is advised to drink one laxative herbal tea the night before. This would aid removing some of the wastes in our body. After the bowel movement caused by the tea, you can start drinking the lemon concoction.

For 10 days, you will just be drinking the lemon juice and doing the laxative tea. One may wonder how the body can go through 10 day without food. Experts have claimed that the ingredients of the juice have the enough nutrients that can get you through the day.

Lemon Concoction  Recipe:

This is for the lemon concoction that one will drink for 10 days. This measurements are good for 1 serving (glass). It’s up to you how to make the proportions if you plan on preparing for the whole day consumption. It is best to prepare onhand the amount that you will be needing for the whole day. Though freshly sqeezed lemons are preferred, you can prepare and stock the juice but no longer than 3 days for the enzyme on the lemons tend to die.

2 tbsp freshly squeezed lemon juice
2 tbsp organic grade B maple syrup
1/10th tbsp cayenne powder

There is another way to induce bowel movement to cleanse the digestive tract, and that is the Seasalt Water Flush. This process would be drinking a 1 liter of water with 2tbsp sea salt (take note: do not use the iodized one). This will be hard because you have to gulp down the 1 liter mixture to induce the laxative effect of the sea salt.

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Note: I am on my Day 2 of the cleanse while I am doing this post.. I’ll post my own experience while I’m on the cleanse.

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