One Year into the Pandemic [COVID-19 Anniversary]

by Carol Ranas
3 minutes read

March marks the anniversary of COVID-19 making its way into Europe. We never expected the pandemic to last the whole year. It feels as if the pandemic has robbed us a year of life. As we look back on all the things that happened during the pandemic, we can say that “We are almost there, but not quite yet”.

The pandemic is something that will go down in history. It is as if we were taken for a rollercoaster ride inside a haunted mansion. Everyone in the world was at their feet, and some may have triggered their anxieties, resulting in the Mental Health movement.

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Despite all the horrific experiences we had this past year, I can say that there are some good things that came out of it. Here are some of the things I have pondered on:

– The whole world closed down, forcing everyone into isolation. Meaning, Mother Earth was able to take care of itself and heal. The carbon footprint is low. Towns that are forced into Commercialization have been able to breathe and recuperate. Globalization and Commercialization have taken their toll on Mother Earth, hence the several abnormalities we are experiencing, i.e global warming, climate change, frequent calamities, etc..

– Climate change was inevitable and widely felt.  We experienced snow in the Netherlands, twice! Some countries were not prepared for the sudden changes in nature (snow in Texas and worst flash flood in a lot of countries).

– We were able to save up more money. Essential stores are the only thing open, so we are forced to spend just on essentials. In other parts of the world, online shopping has been all in rage, yet we were on our toes and retail therapy did not appeal much to ease our pandemic anxieties. 

– Relationships are tested as we are forced into isolation. Our lives here revolved around just the three of us. For us, it was a positive thing because both of us are introverts. I know that is not the case with other people, especially extroverted ones. A year of almost nonexistent interaction with other people can trigger anxieties and depression. That is why Mental Health is in the spotlight. A lot of people had have a decline in their mental state. 

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We are now in a state where we are itching to get vaccinated and move on to our new normal lives. We can’t wait for everything to open up. We want everyone to recover and learn from this experience. I know this is a hopeful wish, as this pandemic is still far from over until most of the population in the world gets vaccinated.  

How was your year into the pandemic so far?

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