Politics… Again..

by Carol Ranas
3 minutes read

And the new BUZZ on politics….

The controversial extravagant meal of Pres. Gloria Macapagal Arroyo during her visit in Washington to meet US Pres. Obama.

It has been buzzing around town that the opposition party has been openly expressing their disgust with the controversial accomodations and meals that Pres. Arroyo had during her visit to speak with US Pres. Obama. It had been all over the news recently that Pres. Arroyo splurged on a $20,000 dinner along with her staff. Here’s a link to the news.

Oh Philippines, our dear Philipines

It’s sad to bear what is happening in our country. Graft and Corruption is a widespread disease that any person that has regained power get easily infected. I can’t blame our politicians, because money and fame is a tempting demon that will eventually lure anyone to come and have some. It is a sin that is constantly yearning to have more, and never being contented to have much.

If anyone was in our president’s position, even a normal human being that was not born with a silver spoon, would be tempted to pocket some money of the country. They are dealing with billions of peso, so a million would be just spare change that will be in their pockets.

I have learned to accept the reality of these things, corruption that is waiting to be bred inside someone who wishes to undergo the world of politics. What irritates me are the people who are hyprocrite enough to pinpoint other’s mistake when they themselves have been guilty of the same charge. I’m talking here about the opposition and other people who keep digging for dirt on someone else lives when they, themselves have their dirts locked on their own skeleton closet.

We had dealt with a lot of types of presidents these years. There are those who are too cunning to have kept their own dirt in their own skeleton closet and had gracefully finished their term, while there are others that had been tricked by their own allies. Politics have been busy pointing fingers on whose corrupt and who does not fit the position, have been way busy digging dirt on other’s lives. I believe they had neglected the welfare of our country and that our economy has been taking the blow.

The good thing with this regime is that at least the power of our peso has strenghten, meaning billions of debt had decreased even a bit. Everytime our Peso increases the value over dollars, Our debt in the World bank also decreases. I know that the main reason for this was the OFW’s. They are the people who helped elevate our economy by increasing the peso value. every dollar that they sent here to their families contributes a lot to our economy. There had been many improvements that can be felt now like nowadays. Improvement of our transportation has now started, I thought that the improved transportation would be just a plan, and just for show. Lately, cheaper medicines are now available for everyone. Many youth had been able to finish through college through many government scholarships.

My last hirit to our politician here is that, it is okay to pocket some money from our country’s assets, just make sure that their programs has outputs that is visible and will benefit to the common Filipino.

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