So much for being good…

by Carol Ranas
3 minutes read
Earlier while I was riding the LRT with my stomach grumbling from hunger, a not so old lady came in and sat beside me eating nuts. Unconsciously I looked at the train to find the sign of ” No Eating and Drinking”, and it was just at the nearest right wall of the train. I looked at the surroundings and some people noticed too. At first I ignored the lady eating because it came to my mind that maybe she was just too hungry and could not take it. After the first pack of nuts, I noticed her scrambling for another pack in her bag. (OMG, she had quite a few on her bag, is she planning on eating everything while on the train like a picnic or something??) She opened another pack and ate. I was disturbed and had the urge to tell her that it is prohibited to eat inside the train. (I let it pass again because I thought she was just too hungry so she ate another pack, but if she opens another I’ll surely tell her that it is forbidden to eat so that she’ll stop) But then she did continue eating and opened her third pack. Good thing, I will get off soon, so I mustered my guts and whispered to her “Miss, Bawal po kumain dito” while pointing the sign. I saw her nodding so I thought she’ll stop, but then while nodding she popped another nut in her mouth!! In my mind, I thought WTF?? So much for trying to be a good citizen.. And to think there is a child in front of us watching.. (I never ate inside the train so I think I have the guts to tell her that) Filipinos.. hayy.. Is there really no hope for improvement???

Some may think that my experience was just nothing, its no big deal. WRONG!! I’m making a big deal out of it!! I mustered my guts to help a person change for better but it went to waste. I got so irritated when it came to my mind this: Every Filipino is crying for change and throwing stones at the government blaming them for the country’s current deep shit situation. I just thought that the only person that can cry their lungs out for change are the very few law abiding citizens that is trying to change the country even with little steps.

I remembered the saying from the Bible:

“He without sin cast the first stone”

I mean if everyone really wants change, then it should start within thyselves. Whoever becames our president, change will never happen if we never start within ourselves. We can always complain that our country was rotten, but if we don’t change our ways, our country may decompose on the soils of the world. The leader of the country can only help us and motivate us to start changing, but still in our own hands if all our dreams and hopes can come true.

And the Philippines shall rise above the ashes.. Yay!! (Just to lighten the mood..ok na ko, wala na badtrip ko.. )

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