The much awaited Pacquiao-Hatton Fight..

by Carol Ranas
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Its been buzzing around and everyone is so excited for the Pcquiao-Hatton fight. Some paid to see the latest live via satellite action while some preferred to wait and watched at home. You may notice that the streets are clean when the fight started. everyone was glued on their television sets. At the office, almost all the guys can’t wait to watch the fight that they wanted their shift over or they can’t wait to take their break and watch the fight on the 7th floor.

Honestly, I did not know that the fight was today until many people have been talking bout it. The fight has been all over the news last month. Pacquiao has been preparing himself for one of his biggest fight. Hatton has the more height and weight advantage that is why Manny has been practicing so hard. He has the will to prove that the win from the Dela Hoya fight was not pure luck.

Manny Pacquiao,Ricky Hatton

The fight started with the singing of the three country’s anthem, Philippines, UK and US. Martin Nievera sung “Lupang Hinirang”, the Philippine National Anthem, Tom Jones sung “God Save the Queen”, the British National Anthem and Fil-Am Jasmine Villegas sung “Star-Spangled Banner”, the American National Anthem. During the main fight, I think Hatton was not pretty confident while Pacquiao seems to be almost ready to blow. The first round was intense, Manny knocked down Hatton twice. And on the second round, Manny was able to knock down Hatton the third time with his left hand that made Hatton fell unconscious. And from that, Manny had won the fight with a huge surprise and awe as well as all the audience watching the fight. It was a title match in which Manny earned the Junior Featherweight Championship belt. Some sources claims that Manny Pacquiao is has the current pound per pound crown in the world.

Here is a video of the fight..

The result of the fight was a surprise for everyone. I think everyone was expecting an intense fight that will leave them hanging in the corner of their seats till around several rounds. But then this just shows how good Manny Pacquiao is because he proved that he was ready for the fight and it just showed. Manny Pacquiao again has made all the Filipinos worldwide proud.

But I can’t get the irk voice in my head. Manny claimed that this fight will be hard and yet it ended soon. One source claimed that Hatton did not release his full sparing video which made Manny wonder. And it can be seen that Hatton was not full of himself. I don’t know if its just jitters or whatever. I can’t help think that this fight has been politicized, I mean has gone political. I am aware of the bets that has been made even before this fight. And for sure the amount of money is something.

Bill Clinton,Manny Pacquiao

I saw in the news that former US president Bill Clinton met and had wished Manny good luck. (Hmmmm.. something’s telling me that there’s more to this.. 😉 let’s see..)

I know these fights are getting political. You want to know my hypothesis with regards to this fight?… I think Rich Businessman all over the world (or to properly group them, lets call them Mafia..;)) has placed a huge bet on Manny and maybe paid the camp of Hatton to let Manny win. That maybe should explain why Hatton’s camp did not want to show his full sparring video (for there was no intense sparring session?) and the unconfident stance of Hatton during the fight. I don’t know, these are just wild guesses and I really do hope this is not true. I really wish that Manny is that good to finish off Hatton. Or else it will be a saddening thought of how other well off people are using Manny as a toy for their money’s best interest. Let’s just hope this wild thought is not true.

And one thing that bothers me is that some American Journalists thinks Manny will run or must run for presidency of our country. What?? I know we Filipinos know better. And I think Manny’s mind has been brainwashed by his political friends that he could try run for some position. I am not trying to belittle Manny, I know Manny is good at what he does, and that is boxing, but then He hasn’t finished high school , well I guess he had finished because there are news that he took a test to officially graduate from high school (I guess poverty is the reason for not been able to finish it, which is the common reason).

If Manny really wanted to help our countrymen, maybe he could like help the poor people, for I know he could sympathize with them and just give them hope that through hard work, they could also succeed like what happened to his life.He could inspire other less fortunate Filipinos. Or better yet He could feed the poor and homeless young ones and give them shelter. Why not build a huge orphanage wherein he could like support the young Filipinos reach their dreams. Since Manny has the right resources and knows the right people, I think he could make this happen. Manny should not bother with politics because it’s too dirty in there.

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