Valentine’s Day ideas for each Love Language

by Carol Ranas
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You can feel that love is in the air as you notice your surroundings being splashed with the color red. Red have long been symbolised as passion which is also equated to love. As the love season aka “Valentine’s Day” is quickly approaching, I’d like to share something I wrote that can help partners know how they can express their appreciation to their loved ones effectively this love season.

love language be carol

First, let’s define the different Love Languages that you or your partner prefer to express and receive back.  There are 5 Love Languages as defined by Gary Chapman in his book, The Five Love Languages: How to Express Heartfelt Commitment to Your Mate. I have enumerated the five below and defined what it portrays.

1. Physical Touch

As it states, people with this love language craves physical connection. Physical intimacy and touch is an example of a way to show your admiration. They love to be hugged, kissed and hold hands with. A simple endearing touch means the world to them. Set a place and time for physical intimacy for your partner this Valentine’s Day.

2. Words of Affirmation

This love language prefers words or verbal communication as a way of expressing appreciation and love. They prefer frequent “I love you’s”, compliments and verbal encouragement. In the digital age, this can also mean sending texts and replying to their messages as an indication of admiration. Don’t forget to shower your loved one “I love You’s” and tell them what you love about them this Valentine’s Day.

3. Acts of Service

People with this love language prefers actions for “action speaks louder than words”. It means going out of your way to do things that will help your loved one. They like helping and being helped as well. By taking initiative and doing things that will make your beloved happy or help them in is a sure way of expressing your love. This Valentine’s Day, it is best to plan ahead a pamper session or take/help in some tasks from your loved one. 

4. Gifts

This love language is straight forward, giving thoughtful gifts is the way to show love and appreciation. People with this love language likes to receive physical and tangible things as a sign of appreciation. They say that they are the easiest to please. But thread with caution because you need to make sure that gifts should be meaningful and well thought of, expressing how well you know your loved one. This may be the easiest yet trickiest to pull this Valentine’s Day, you need to pick out a gift that would best reflect what your partner wants, or a thing that they need the most.

5. Quality Time

People with this love language craves undivided attention. They love to spend time with you and doing things together. Making time and devoting it with them is a good way of showing appreciation. Setting aside time for an activity that involves the both of you is a nice start. Making time for each other is important, even just doing trivial things. So this Valentine’s Day, set the whole day devoted to activities that both you and your partner enjoy. 

You can take this Love Language Quiz for starters, to gauge what your love language is and how it translates to the kind of love you appreciate/crave. Once you know what your “Love Language” is, you can ask your partner to take the test so you can have a better understanding on what experiences they prefer to receive back. 

Below is an infograph from this site that sums up how you can effectively express your affection to your loved ones based on their love language:

love language be carol

I hope this guide helps you determine how you can effectively express your love towards your special someone this season of love. 

What is your love language? 

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