Unboxing the Belle de Jour Kawaii Box

by Carol Ranas
8 minutes read
I’ve been an avid fan of Belle de Jour. I’ve been using their for 3 years until I had to cut back on costs for future plans. Belle de Jour aims to empower every Filipina to be their best self. They try to reach out to different types of Filipina and try to oversee how they can help them boost their confidence.

BDJ Box is a concept from the people behind Belle de Jour. It is a beauty box where you subscribe to their service to get products to try. We know that it is hard to choose products that will fit our skin needs and seldom we try to be more adventurous with our choices. BDJ Box gives every girl a chance to try the current best products at a fraction of their price.

December last year, I finally mustered to try their beauty box. I’ve been reading a lot of unboxing reviews and somehow it always fascinate me on how BDJ Box surprises each subscriber with products to try. I’m not sure which month I’ll be getting and what products it will contain so I was nervous and at the same time excited.

Finally, as soon as February said Hello, my BDJ Box came to our house. It was the January-February Kawaii Box. Perfect! I’ve been musing about Asian skin care products so this was just perfect. Let’s take a peek of what’s inside…

As soon as I open it, I was elated to find different types of full-sized products. It was so worth every penny I paid.

The January-February BDJ Box, which is also known as Kawaii Box includes Bifesta Cleansing Lotion, Lucido-L Styling Milk and Treatment Oil Perm, Pixy Eyeshadow, Pixy Blush On, Pixy Two Way Cake Fit, Pixy Coverlast and Sunkiller Perfect Water Essence.

I was amazed that I got 8 full sized products! I was expecting just 1-2 full sized and the rest are sample sized based on several unboxing I’ve read. I was one lucky gal then. I wanted to review the products some of it and compiled it in this post.

With a clean face, I used Pixy Two Way Cake Fit for my whole face with a sponge. I used Pixy Eyeshadow Duo and Benefit Glowla Eyeshadow set for my eyebrows and eyes, Pixy Blush On for my cheeks, and Maybelline Falsies Mascara for my lashes. I left my lips untouched.

Pixy Blush On in Brown Tea

Pixy Eyeshadow Duo in Sorrel Brown

Here’s my face, trying out the Pixy products that was in the BDJ Kawaii Box. I’m not good at applying make-up, but somehow I know some basics. What do you think?

For my brows, I used the brown shade in Pixy Eyeshadow Duo and Benefit Glowla Passion Pearl to highlight the archesof my brows. For my eyes, I swiped the pink shade of Pixy eyeshadow for my whole eyelid, Benefit Glowla Steamy Copper for my crease, and lined my eyes with Forever 21 dark brown pencil. I finished off with two coats of Maybelline Falsies mascara.

After a long day work, with a fully made up face including all the dust and dirt from the surroundings, It’s advisable to remove everything you’ve put on your face before going to sleep. But if you are like me, a lazy girl who’s busy and tired hustling all day, It’s tempting to just snooze without cleansing.

Bifesta makes the cleansing part easier. With just a  few pumps of the product on a face cotton and a few swipes on your face, you can see how easy it is to remove make-up and dirt.

I applied red lipstick just to demonstrate a fully done face. With two pumps of product on a face cloth,I rubbed the cotton in circles around my face and patted down on my eyes to remove the mascara, The make-up was removed but I have to use another set of cotton to further remove the fibers of the mascara. Maybelline’s mascara is really hard to remove.

Here’s a comparison. The right side is my fully done face. The left side was the part where Bifesta was used. you can see that most of my make-up was removed. Bifesta doesn’t feel oily and icky and it was quickly absorbed by my face after. It did not irritate my skin at all, as compared to other oil-based make-up remover. I think I found the make-up remover that my skin loved; Yay!

I hope you find this post helpful. How did I fare as an amateur beauty blogger? 

If you have any awesome tips and suggestion on making beauty posts, please share it at the comments below. I’ll try to take it into consideration on my next beauty post.

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Heidi March 10, 2015 - 6:08 pm

You did well!! Maybe just try to watch the lighting, for example the second full face picture is much brighter than the others so we can see it better. Overall, I loved the review. What else came in the box?

Carol Ranas March 11, 2015 - 4:19 pm

Hi Heidi!

Thanks for reading my post. I had a lot of difficulty getting the shots right for I did it indoors just using a flourescent bulb (from my room).

I'll try to shoot in the morning to get more natural light on my next post.Thanks for the suggestion!

The box came with Bifesta Cleansing Lotion, Lucido-L Styling Milk and Treatment Oil Perm, Pixy Eyeshadow, Pixy Blush On, Pixy Two Way Cake Fit, Pixy Coverlast and Sunkiller Perfect Water Essence. All full sized products, isn't that great?

It also had some discount coupons in the box.