A new spin on salads at Juju Eats Eastwood

by Carol Ranas
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Everyone might have heard of Juju Cleanse, one of the pioneers in juice fasting. The owners, Kat and David Azanza believe in a complete and doctor approved way of detoxifying that doesn’t interfere with our regular day to day lives. They have always been an advocate of maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

From Juju Cleanse, they opened a salad joint with the simple goal of rebooting your palate and helping everyone realize that eating well can be easy and fun. And with that, Juju Eats was born. Juju Eats is your convenient salad bar with a selection of greens or pasta, over 50 toppings, and 12 dressings. From salads to wraps, fresh cold-pressed juice, fresh fruit sodas and local coffee, Juju Eats is a new spin on your typical salad.
Juju Eats Eastwood
I, for one, had the dilemma of how to incorporate salad greens into my meals. I was brought up in a traditional Filipino household where a complete meal consists of a pile of white rice, meat (and oily) dishes with a serving of veggies. It wasn’t a problem when I was little because my metabolism can cope due to a child’s active lifestyle (a lot of playing). But as I grow up, specially when I started studying and working, that my metabolism has come to a halt.

Busy life and unhealthy lifestyle are the results of a slower metabolism which often results to health issues and weight gain. Easing your way into a healthy lifestyle had always been a challenge. What food to eat, where to find them and time for food preparation had been roadblocks to our journey to healthy living.
Salad Bar
I was ecstatic when Juju Eats opened its second branch in Eastwood, just a 10 minute walk from where I live. I dragged Soshi to try their dishes. Soshi was not that excited though, for he had always been a meat and rice type of eater. Soshi had always had a slim figure, irregardless of what and how much he eats. I hated him for being able to eat like a dinosaur and never gain weight.

Their menu is simple. You pick if you want it greens, pasta or a wrap. You can choose the toppings and dressing you like and pile them all you want. If you are having some difficulty making your own salad, they have salad selections that you can choose from. They also serve their famous cold-pressed juices to go with the salads, as well as their detox juice sets.
Inasal Salad (half, Php135)

I ordered a half bowl of Inasal Salad which consists of house mix, pork inasal, green mango, feta cheese,cherry tomato, red onion and hard boiled egg with balayan dressing. The salad tasted fresh and crispy. It’s like eating raw, but enjoying it like you’re eating cake. The half serving was like a full serving in restaurants. I imagine that the whole bowl is for sharing or for those who have a huge appetite.

Chicken Caesar (wrap, Php175)

Soshi ordered the Chicken Caesar wrap which consists of romaine, grilled chicken, Parmesan, bacon, herb and croutons. But instead of the typical Caesar dressing, which Soshi didn’t like (he doesn’t like anything with cream), I asked them to replace it with their Mango Pineapple dressing. He enjoyed his wrap and couldn’t stop saying that he can also eat healthy everyday if healthy food tasted like his wrap.

Ripe Mango Slush (Php115)
As for our drinks, we had a hard time choosing which of their cold-pressed drinks to order. Our taste buds are wayward and always different. So to compromise, we went safe and ordered their Ripe Mango Slush (You’ll never go wrong with ripe mango). The slush was thick, which means that there was less or no water present, just pure mango fruit, smoothly blended.
Even Lego Superman loved the Chicken Caesar wrap
Juju Eats have the freshest salad I have ever tasted. Their greens are crisp and crunchy. The Balayan dressing was interesting because it was tangy like a vinaigrette, but has that creamy kick. I even enjoyed slathering some Sriracha for an extra spicy kick. Soshi enjoyed his wrap and was complimented that he didn’t expect it to be interestingly yummy. He had this impression that healthy food is boring and tasteless (as a reference to my previous diet attempts). He told me that he wouldn’t mind dining again at Juju Eats.

Juju Eats
G/F Le Grand 1
Union Street, Eastwood Corporate Cyberpark
Brgy. Bagumbayan, Quezon City
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