Afternoon Tea at the newly opened Oasis Garden Cafe at Solaire Resort and Casino

by Carol Ranas
5 minutes read
Drinking tea is no longer exclusively a social event for the social upper classes. With the health benefits of tea being clearly out in the open, drinking tea has been a necessity for everyone.

Solaire Resort and Casino takes your afternoon tea drinking to a different level. Solaire’s Sky Tower recently opened Oasis Garden Cafe. The cafe is sprawled at the ground level of the Sky Tower, neatly tucked at a magnificent garden-ish facade. It reminded me of an indoor garden with a very posh flora environment.

Our good friends from Solaire has invited us to witness the grand opening of this very pretty cafe. The event was hosted by Kim Jones along with the great people from Solaire and Oasis Garden Cafe who made the event extra special. The event was a marvel, for we were greeted by good soothing music and adorable spread of pastries.

I didn’t sample much tea because it will upset my stomach and I didn’t want that because of those dainty cute pastries staring back at me waiting for me to devour them. I asked which one has a subtle fruit flavor. The staff recommended the Passion GreenTea, which was a good one. It has a subtle green tea taste which was sweet enough because of the passion fruit, which is a good guess of mine.

My first plate consist of savory treats. My favorite was the Roast Beef Crostini Topped with Caramelized Onions. It was like a buffet of delicious but cute pastries for me. Every pastry was made of intricate and delicate detail that I can’t help taking a lot of pictures.

Next plate are full of sweet treats. Caramel Tiramisu, Fruit Cake, Pistachio Opera Cake, Coconut Ube Pound Cake, Scones, Solaire Chocolate Cake and a lot more. Your sweet tooth will rejoice for all these different sweet pastries.

While we were having the time of our lives, channeling the inner Brit in us, sipping our teas and enjoying these cute and tasty pastries, we were serenaded by several classic form of entertainment.

Special thanks to Solaire for letting my inner British ego shine through this event. It was one delightful afternoon. Go check out Oasis Garden Cafe and invite your amigas and friends to an afternoon high tea. Don’t forget to dress the part and unleash your inner Brit.

Oasis Garden Cafe
Solaire Resort and Casino Sky Tower
1 Asean Avenue, Paranaque
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