Dinner with Foodies at Chicken Charlie Bonifacio Global City

by Carol Ranas
4 minutes read
Chicken Charlie have a quaint take out/dining shop at Bonifacio Global City. You might miss their branch because it is tucked between several dining establishment and located near Burgos Circle. But despite the tough competition because of a wide variety of choices in the area, the store is usually packed specially during lunchtime, Most of its patrons are employees from nearby offices who eats lunch there or have several packs taken out.

Aldous invited us to just hang and try out Chicken Charlie. Here’s what we had that night of pigging (or should I say chicken-ing??!!) out.

Milo Dino (Php75)

I ordered their Milo Dino because it is one of their bestsellers. I was kind of hesitant at first if it will go well with their soy-garlic chicken, but it turned out to be okay. the flavor of our favorite Milo drink was rich and too sweet for me (well, I really find Milo too sweet so that’s why). The surprise came in when I slurped some bits of jelly at the bottom.

Charlie’s Signature Burger (Php119, ala carte)

They let me try Charlie’s Signature Burger. It came with their soy-chicken fillet patty with veggies and dressing. The sandwich is bigger that your typical fast food chicken fillet sandwiches.

For sharing, we ordered their chicken basket which came with 8 pcs of chicken. You can choose if you want itspicy or just their original soy-garlic.

Chicken Basket (Php250, 8 pcs)

Their soy-garlic chicken is a bit mellow and more of the garlic taste as compare to the famous soy-garlic chicken of some known fast-food brands. It doesn’t have any hint of sweetness, which I liked. I liked that their chicken was freshly fried when served, including the fries so it was crunchy good. I just find the fries too salty, I should have just asked for the unsalted fries and add the salt myself.

Overall, it was a good dinner. Pleasant conversation with friends over good food served fast food style. I liked Chicken Charlie better than the big fast food chains for the taste of real food is still there. I hope they do open a near branch in Ayala Makati.

Where is your favorite fried chicken place? 

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