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by Carol Ranas
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As the boom of the Health and Fitness industry becomes inevitable, more and more people are inclined to adapt to a healthy lifestyle. But most of the time, our food options are limited and compromised, specially for the busy individuals which want their food fast and convenient. A lot of restaurants have opened up to cater the needs of the health-conscious people. A new restaurant recently brought our favorite sushi rolls, fresh, fast and at the same time healthy.

Wasabi Warriors opened up recently their first store at the ground floor of Gramercy Residences, beside the Century City Mall.. The store concept originated at Australia and had been in effect all across Asia. Luckily, Swinging Chairs Establishments Inc. introduced the brand in the Philippines. Wasabi Warriors aims to deliver food that is fresh and healthy with the convenience of fast food restaurants.

Grab and Go interiors, simple and clean.

The store concept is simple and fast. You choose which flavors go with your sushi rolls. You get to choose which type of rice to go with your rolls, whether it be white, brown or organic rice. You can have it for dine in and they’ll slice the rolls into the usual bite size; or you can have it to-go and have the roll as it is and eat it like a burrito. All their ingredients are free-range and organic so you are guaranteed that you’ll be eating healthy.

Hot and Spicy tuna, Salmon and Avocado, Kaniand Cucumber, and Chicken Teriyaki Rolls
Hot and Spicy Tuna, Panko Prawn, , Seaweed, and Honey Soy Chicken Rolls

Prepare for a Sushi rolls parade. Check out these different types of rolls that are available at Wasabi Warriors. Almost all flavors were similar to what they offer at their Autralian and Asian branches. Wasabi Warriors wanted Filipinos to be accustomed to these varieties so for the meantime, the flavors are limited to 20 combinations (that’s a lot!). We asked Kimmi if they will be introducing some local flavors in their rolls, and she nodded and mentioned that they are in the works of formulating recipes that utilizes the unique Filipino flavors.

Tuna Mayo and Avocado, Pork Katsu, Beef Teriyaki and Tuna with Mayo and Avocado Rolls
Seared Salmon Nigiri Rolls (Php100/pc)

Brown and Organic Black rice Rolls

It is best to consume their rolls immediately, or if not, you must consume it within 2 hours after buying it. Aside from sushi rolls, they also have bento packs and rice bowls for you or your carnivorous companion. You can choose from Beef or Chicken Teriyaki rice bowl or even an Udon soup if you want to warm up your tummy.

Beef Teriyaki Bowl (Php250)
Chicken Teriyaki Bowl (Php250)

Udon Soup (Php250)

If rolls are not enough and you are still craving for some side dishes, you can add a side of fried gyozas or a side of seaweed salad to fill up your hungry tummies. I simply loved their Seaweed salad for it tasted fresh and very light.

Fried gyoza (3 pcs, Php80)

Seaweed Salad
We weren’t able to try their Inari with seaweed, but this type of roll was interesting. It has a pastry stuffed with seaweed. I’ll try these when I go back.
Inari with Seaweed (Php60)

What makes Wasabi Warriors better than other restaurants is not only their food but their principles. We were able to sit down and chat with the Business Manager, Kimmi Sui Dewar and she excitedly shared with us the guiding principles of  Wasabi Warriors.

These are the three things I liked about them:

* Being a Social Entrepreneur, they make sure they utilize local ingredients to help our local producers. So if you’ll notice the difference in taste in their rolls, they make use of locally sourced japanese rice that are used in their rolls.

* They support several charities by hiring out-of-school youth as their staff. They train them on how to ease back to society and be more accepted and productive citizens. Their staff are friendly and at the same time attentive. They have adept knowledge of the rolls so don’t be shy to ask them about options.

* They always serve their food fresh daily. So what happens to their left over rolls? They donate it to their chosen charity at the end of the day. Feeding the people who need it most: a big check!

Restaurants like Wasabi Warriors are not centered to just make profit but to give back to the environment and help the local community. These types of restaurants makes buyers feel that the money they spent is ultimately put into good use. Purists wh love an authentic Japanese roll may not enjoy their sushi rolls but for those who wanted a good healthy grub fast at an afordable price, Wasabi Warriors is a good pick. I do hope they open up a branch in Makati, surely a lot of yuppies will enjoy their rolls there (myself included). No more unhealthy fast food take-outs..

What is your favorite sushi roll combination? 

Wasabi Warriors
Gorund Flr, Gramercy Residences
Century City, Makati
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