Just Thai: A Thai food discovery in Burgos Circle, BGC

by Carol Ranas
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I have this love-hate relationship with Thai cuisine. While I loved a good Pad Thai and Khao Pad, I just didn’t have an inkling with curry based dishes. The selection of restaurants that offer authentic Thai food are beginning to shape up,for a lot of Thai restaurants have been opening in the Metro. Just Thai was one of my great new discoveries.

Just Thai have been in Burgos Circle for quite a while, I just didn’t notice it much. I have been always distracted by other restaurants in the area (such as Wrong Ramen) that I wasn’t able to discern that there is a quaint Thai restaurant there. I only know one Thai restaurant in BGC (Silk Road), which just opened this year.

It was the day that typhoon Glenda was about to hit the Metro. While everyone’s busy preparing for the impending calamity, I was enjoying myself consuming authentic Thai Food with the company of few food bloggers. Here are the dishes we had:


Tom Yum (Php190)

We were given sample bowls of Tom Yum, which is a hot and sour soup similar to our favorite sinigang. It was a warm welcome to our stomach in such gloomy weather.

Yam Neua (Php350)

Yam Neua is a Beef Salad with marinated beef on top of crispy greens drizzled with special spicy vinegar dressing. I loved how fresh this salad was. It was like a mashup of beef kinilaw on a crisp bed of salad greens with a spicy kick. Yum!

Main Dishes

Khao Krok Kapi (Php250)

Khao Krok Kapi consists of bagoong fried rice with sweet pork and slices of green mangoes. This was my favorite that time. Fried Rice: check! Bagoong: check! Green Mangoes: check! It has three of my favorite in one dish. Yay!

Pad Thai (Php280)

Pad Thai is Thailand’s national dish that is never to be missed. It is stir fried rice noodles with peanuts and a side of lime and chili powder. Just Thai’s Pad Thai was sweet, which I think caters more to the Filipino palate. I’m not digging much of the sweetness.

Pad Kaprow Talay (Php280)

Pad Kaprow Talay is composed of Mixed Seafood in Basil. It looked like the seafood meat were swimming in its sauce, but it tastes wonderful. I just need a cup of rice and a little bit of spiciness to make it a happy meal.

Bplah Pla Muek Kratiem (Php300)

Bplah Pla Muek Kratiem is Squid with Garlic and Pepper. The dish looked simple, but it packs some flavor. The squid were tender and chewable, the sauce complements it well.

Kung Kratiem (Php500)

Similar as above, Kung Kratiem is made of prawns in garlic and pepper. It also tastes great, specially with the prawns.

Gaeng Leuang (Php260)

This is a vegetable dish with in yellow curry. I’m not much of a curry fan, but I did took a quick taste of this dish. The vegetables were nicely done.

Thai Desserts

Tha Kho (Php140)

This is Thai’s coconut pudding wrapped in pandan leaves. Tha Kho is my favorite thai dessert and Just Thai did not disappoint. It was creamy, just the way I like it.

Khao Niaow Ma Muang (Php260)

This is a popular Thai dessert. It is made of our famous sweet mangoes, arranged beautifully over sticky rice with coconut sauce on the side. Just Thai has one the prettiest dessert I have ever seen.

For people who are overwhelmed with the spiciness of Thai dishes, Just Thai can adjust the level of spiciness of their dishes according to your preference. They even serve Thai dishes with no hint of spiciness, that those who have problems with spicy food would rejoice over. Overall, Just Thai’s dishes are made for the Filipino palate. I have tasted a few authentic Thai dishes elsewhere, I can say that Just Thai had a different take when it comes to taste. There’s the Bagoong Rice and Beef Salad which I loved to bits, the other Thai staples just didn’t quite appealed to me much. I’ll come back to try their version of Khao Pad and pandan wrapped Chicken and see if it is any good.

From the South? NO PROBLEM. Just Thai have a branch at Molito Lifestyle Center, Alabang. So Southern-ers can get their Thai fix as well at Just Thai. Warm your stomachs with a pipping hot bowl of Tom Yum with Bagoong Rice. I am literally salivating now as I write this. 

What are your favorite Thai Dishes?

Let me know in the comments below!

Just Thai
Forbestown (Burgos Circle) Fort Bonifacio
Contact No: 403-8718
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