Lunch at Uncle Cheffy Nuvali

by Carol Ranas
3 minutes read
After a whole day at Republic Wake Park, we decided to stroll at Nuvali and check the area out. We Strolled through Solenad 1 & 2, checked out the stores and was amazed by the eco-friendly surroundings.

After walking a few hours, we decided to eat at Uncle Cheffy Nuvali. Uncle Cheffy is known for bigger serving at an affordable price. It is great to dine there if you are a larger group.

For starters, we ordered their famous Panizza. We chose the All Meat variant and we were quite satisfied. The panizza was appetizing, especially while it’s still piping hot.

All Meat Panizza

Uncle Cheffy is also known for its brick oven panizza. The all-meat panizza is a great option to start with. There are two ways to eat the panizza. First way is to place some greens, tomatoes and sprouts in, roll the dough and eat it like a wrap. Second way was to eat it like ordinary pizza.

Since the guys were starving from all the activities we had the whole day, we ordered a rice and meat viand. We ordered the Adobo fried rice, which was good for 2-3 people.

Adobo Rice

The adobo rice was bursting with adobo flavor. It can be considered as a meal itself because there were bits of meat and strips of egg. The dish itself can be considered a satisfying meal.

We also ordered half Chicken Maurino. It somewhat tasted like humba, except it is chicken. The dish was delish as well.

Chicken Maurino

Our tummies were happy and satisfied with all the stuff we ordered. We just ordered 3 dishes but because the servings were good sharing, our group of four was easily filled.

Uncle Cheffy Nuvali is also open for gatherings and party celebrations. We have witnessed one when we dined there. The theme was Minions and all attendees wore yellow, including the grandparents. It was so cute! Like their Facebook page to know more about their promotions.

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sleepyricky June 10, 2014 - 2:10 pm

We usually order & enjoy the Seafood Panizza. If I had to chose which method would be best for consuming it, it'd be by rolling it up first. I didn't enjoy the Panizza that much when I had my 1st-time experience eating the regular way.

Carol Ranas June 11, 2014 - 1:34 am

Hi Ricky!

Good thing the staff shared with us how to eat their panizza. I loved putting those alfalfa sprouts and salsa with the panizza before rolling it up.