Mandala Park Weekend Market

by Carol Ranas
10 minutes read
I love Weekend Markets. It is a place where you can discover new finds and new things to try. It is filled with budding entrepreneurs, passionate to share their new found baby to the world in terms of product and services. It is a good place to check out new food trends that will eventually be the next big thing.

image via Mandala Park’s FB page

I was invited to the 6th Mandala Park Weekend Market. Mandala Park is Litton and Co.’s wide and green open space which is transformed to a weekend market every month. It aims to treat visitors to a slew of homegrown merchants that is eager to promote the local culinary scene.

The merchants that weekend was well curated and diverse. There were different stalls that offer international food fare that will surely satisfy your craving.

Gostoso Piri Piri

THC Chips


Project Hearth

Mister Delicious

Fog City Creamery


Blink Coffee

I decided to check out all the stalls first to see what each has to offer and narrowed it down to the stores with interesting dishes. Every stall was accommodating and I had a hard time choosing which one to try.  It was around dinnertime when I came in, so I picked those who will certainly fill up my hungry tummy.

My top picks

Here are my top 3 picks that weekend:

*Yen Yen Taiwan Noodle Cart

What drawn me to Yen Yen was their big bento box which consists of fried meat (with the size of my face) meal. It was one good deal that I cannot pass, plus it is convenient to carry because it has a presentable bento box. Taiwanese fried chicken/chops are known for its huge serving and umami taste. 

*Bao Fusion Concepts

These guys from Bao fusion were adorable that night. They were calling people, injecting some funny pickup lines associating their baos. I passed by their stall 3 times and they never failed to make me smile. So yeah,  I finally gave in and tried their bao. Their baos are actually good and tasty. You get to choose from different types of baos like chorizo, and even a vegetarian bao.

*Eats Meet West

East meet West is a burger stand specializing in gourmet burgers. What you can see above is the actual size of the burgers. Of course, I wouldn’t pass to try their jam-packed Bagnet Burger. It did not disappoint, the burger was uber delish.

Another noteable thing I tried is the Bulletproof Coffee from OOTBCo. I have read and followed Dave Asprey and his Bulletproof Diet which includes this bulletproof coffee. The main concept of the bulletproof coffee is to hack your morning coffee by using butter and MCT that will work had in hand with the special beans so your body can fully utilize the much needed caffeine to jump start your day.

The Bulletproof Coffee tasted weird, I didn’t finish the whole cup. I just drank half of it. But let me tell you that my brain was wide awake for more than 5 hours straight that night. It  helped boost productivity and brain concentration.

Aside from the different food stalls, there were bands like Bleu Rascals playing to entertain diners and some fun activity for the kids as well. I caught a glimpse of kids playing with bubbles. It was so cool! I was told that there was a zumba class an hour before I came in.

The Mandala Park Weekend Market is Litton and Co.’s enclave of wellness and sustainability. It is also a way to give back to the community by having a venue that will bring people together in the name of love for local food, music and places. The Mandala Park serves as a symbol of a new Mandaluyong in bloom, designed to be a green community that fosters a way of life that gives a sense of pride for one’s city, for one’s home and for one’s well being.

This April 30, Mandala Park will be having their summer wellness market with a theme “Flow in the City”. Drop by and check out different delicious savory eats and healthy treats. For more information on the Mandala Park weekend market series, follow them on Instagram and check out their Facebook page.

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