Max’s Chicken-All-You-Can, Last Hirit!!

by Carol Ranas
3 minutes read
Date of Visit: July 17, 2010

In celebration with Max’s 65years in the food industry, They launched the Chicken-All-You-Can promo that runned from June 17-July 17 specially for the loyal patrons of their original fried chicken. The promo was good only from 6:00PM-10:00PM, and it can easily be noticed by long queue of lines outside any Max’s restaurant. At P165 per plate, you can fill it with as many quartered fried chicken as your stomach can take. And also at P39, you can avail have the bottomless Pepsi or any Pepsi products to go along with the Chicken-All-You-Can.

Our team decided to try out the Chicken-All-You-Want on its last day. It was somewhat paved way to another bonding experience with the team. It was the last day of the promo and a weekend, so the Max’s at Glorietta 3 was packed already (it was already packed even before 6PM!). I arrived at exactly six, in time to see the performance of Max’s staff dancing to “Do you Remember” by Jay Sean”to signal that it was the start of the unlimited chicken promo.
Good thing, Marge had tipped us that there is also a Max’s branch in Greenbelt and she had the hunch that the queue at that branch is quite shorter than in Glorietta. So while waiting for others to arrive, Marge and I checked the Greenbelt branch. There was a queue, but we noticed that it has more seating capacity so the turnover was quite fast. We were seated by 7PM and was enjoying the chicken already.
It was so much fun bonding with the team that we left around 10PM (so I was late from my graveyard shift.) We took pictures of the plate of bones left from the chicken we have consumed. We were tracking on how many quartered chicken each one consumed, and we even teased Francis because he kept subtracting the amount of chicken he had consumed everytime we ask him.
We left the restaurant with our stomach overfilled with fried chicken. I was having a hard time walking that time, because I was worried my appendix would hurt from all that chicken I ate. By the way, here’s the tally of all the chicken consumed:

TL Nadine – 4
Mai (TL’s sister) – 3
Daddy Mon – 5
Rachelle (former Titans)- 3
Roxanne – 3
Carol – 3
Marge -3
Czai -3
Stan – 4
Sean (Ate Shiela’s hubby)- 5
Dave – 7
Francis – 9
Shiela – 6

Looking forward to another team bonding.. We still have our Team Off to look forward to.

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