Naimas Taste of Home Makati

by Carol Ranas
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Filipino cuisine is one that is closest to my heart. Despite the diverse selection of different cuisines in the Metro, I will always say yes to it on any occasion. A lot of restaurants have opened up, introducing different regional Filipino cuisines. One of those is Naimas Taste of Home Makati.

Naimas Makati is a homey retaurant located at the busy streets of Amorsolo. It is tucked between  those corporate Makati buildings. As you come in, you’ll get a warm ambiance. Naimas offers mostly Ilokano cuisine but there are also other Filipino favorites. My heart skipped a beat because Ilokano dishes are truly amazing (BAGNEEET!!)

Luckily, I have been to Vigan (check out my post here) and have tasted authentic Ilokano dishes. Aside from the ever fan favorite Bagnet, there are also intersting Ilokano dishes to try like Sinanglao, Pakbet, Igado, etc..

inside Namias Makati

Team Aldous visited Naimas one afternoon weekend for some lip smacking food adventure. Here are some of the dishes we tried that afternoon:

Pancit Canton with Bagnet (Php250)
Dishes were cooked fresh so while waiting for them, Naimas delighted us with their bestseller, Pancit Canton with Bagnet. Their serving is quite big, enough to feed 2 people or one hungry tummy.
While we were busy chatting and munching on some bagnet pieces, the other dishes came out in no time. 
Adobong Baboy Ramo (Php 320)
These two dishes are the best dishes for me that afternoon. Both dishes are savoringly good that you’ll need to ask for an extra cup of rice to go with it. The baboy ramo taste no different than pork. I was thinking that it’ll be a bit tough and game-y, but Naimas was able to cook it perfectly, tender and juicy.
Pinatisang Baka (Php340)
Sweet and Sour Fish Fillet (Php220)
We had a fellow foodie that is vegetarian so we also tried dishes that does not include animal meat. Even though Naimas offers exotic meat dishes, they also have seafood and vegetable dishes you can try.  WARNING: The adobong hipon sa aligue is not for the faint of heart. It may taste light but it can surely clog up your arteries.

Adobong Hipin sa Aligue (Php340)
You can ask for your preferred topping for your gising gising. Since we have a vegetarian foodie, Naimas topped the gising gising with shrimps which also tasted good.

Gising Gising (Php220)

Gisaeng Balut (Php220)
Balut is something I really don’t prefer eating. If I do, I usually pick the yellow meat and trick myself that it is just egg yolk. Naimas Balut version was interesting.

Sizzling Litid (Php250)
I am a bit hesitant to try their sizzling litid and sinampalukang kambing because I really don’t like kambing and litid. But that’s just my preference in general. I took a brave tiny bite of the litid slurp a little bit of the soup. If you are into kambing and litid (or feeling a bit adventurous), you can try these dishes out.
Sinampalukang Kambing (Php300)

After divulging in all these savory dishes, we were excited for desserts. We tried the Filipino favorite Turon and Halo halo ala Naimas.

Turon (Php110)
Their desserts are simple and at the same time delicious. Everyone loves a good turon and halo halo specially in this summer heat. You can’t go wrong with this combo. Naimas got you covered there for their turon and halo halo is something you can’t resist, specially with this heat. 

Halo Halo (Php180)
Overall, my tummy was happy that afternoon. Naimas Makati is a good stop for those grumbling tummies. Their food is “sulit” considering the flavors were not “tipid” and serving size is good for sharing. I bet they are full during normal working days as a lot of the working crowd crave something tasty to fill up their tummies. Don’t forget to order their bagnet, it is a sin not to try that delicious and crispy dish. 
What is your Filipino comfort food?
Naimas Makati
Ground Flr, CAP Building Amorsolo cor Rufino
Legaspi Village, Makati
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