Paprika: Redefining Hole-in-the-Wall Dining Experience

by Carol Ranas
11 minutes read
Paprika is a new small restaurant that serves comfort food and crafted drinks. Situated at RCBC Building in Bonifacio Global City (just across the Fort Strip), Paprika may have a smaller space, but their interiors screams of comfortable dining experience.

Foodie bloggers were invited hours before their grand launch last Friday to try their dishes and drinks. Panjee, the owner/operations manager had welcomed us despite their busy schedule that day. I loved that Paprika serve dishes that are familiar to the Filipino tastebuds, simple but definitely with a twist.

Here’s a glimpse of what we had that night:


Bacon Onion Marmalade Bruschetta (Php165)
This is made of  Bacon and Onion marmalade with gruyere cheese in crispy bruschetta. This is a good dish to start with. Bacon with caramelized onions? Yum!

Trio Dip (Php165)
These are bruschetta slices with 3 dip selection namely Spinach dip, Truffled Mushroom and Eggplant Caponata. I loved the truffled mushroom among the three. 
Bagoong Pasta (Php220)
This is one unique dish that Paprika is proud of. This is made of spaghetti with Bagoong sauce topped with crispy liempo. It has a strong savory taste because of the bagoong sauce but none the less very delicious.

Main Dishes

Adobo Overload (Php305)
This dish has all our favorite adobo. Crispy Pork Adobo in a bed of adobo rice drizzled with adobo mayo and adobo sauce. Even the adobo mayo tastes divine. I definitely would order another round of it.

Baby Back Ribs (Php325)
This dish consists of half rack of juicy baby back ribs in a bed of garlic mashed potato. You can ask for a cup of rice because this dish is savoringly good with it.

Chicken and Waffles (Php245)
It is my first time trying the chicken and waffle combo. Those buttermilk fried chicken and Waffles with maple syrup and house gravy were an instant hit. I didn’t know they could go well together. 

Roast Beef Pare (Php255)
This dish is roast beef with home made pares sauce over garlic rice and chili garlic oil on the side. Be wary of the chili garlic because the spicy kick was too strong for my taste. Otherwise you can opt it out because the beef tastes good, the chili would just overkill it’s taste.

 For Dessert

What the Fudge (Php180)
This luscious dessert is made of layers of dark and white chocolate ganache, coffee jelly topped with chocolate soil. Despite the chocolate overload, this dessert is not too sweet,just pure creamy bliss. 

Paprika also a wide variety of drink selection. Aside from a restaurant, they also pride themselves as a Cocktail bar. They can whip up drinks according to your taste preference. Here are some of the drinks we tried that night:

The B-52’s (Php285)
This drink is a combination of Grand Marnier, Amaretto, Milk and Cream with Cinnamon. This has a strong alcohol taste, attribited to the Grand Marnier.

Bacon and Eggs (Php375)
This was my favorite drink that night. It is a combination of Jameson, Fresh Lemon, Egg white, Bacon and Vanilla Smoke. It has that citrusy flavor with a bacon aftertaste. 

La Playa Barcelona (Php305)
This is Paprika’s version of a white Sangria. It consists of White wine, Brandy, Lime, Cherry, Lychee syrup, Dalandan Juice and Mint leaves. This drink is certainly refreshing but strong enough to leave you a bit of a buzz after.

Gold Mine (Php375)
This drink is a combination of Johnny Walker Gold Reserve, Apple Juice, Honey, Apple and Sparkling Wine. I’m not a fan of dark and hard liqueors, I find the flavor too bold for my taste.

Smores (Php255)
This is considered a dessert drink. It is a mixture of Marshmallow Vodka, Baileys, Whipped Cream, marshmallow and graham crackers. It was fun to drink but be wary because the drink has a strong and bold taste.

Overall, Paprika certainly is a good place to have dinner before heading to the intense party scene of the Fort Strip or if you just want a relaxed environment where you and your friends can have a good dinner over drinks. If you want simple food that packs flavors with an affordable price, head over to Paprika. The prices are reasonable considering their food taste superb. Definitely going back to bring Soshi with me, I know he loves a restaurant that serves both good food and drinks.

Where are you heading tonight?

2nd Flr, RCBC Savings Bank Corporate Tower
25th and 26th street, Bonifacio Global City
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