Quiz Night at Grilla Bar and Grill

by Carol Ranas
7 minutes read
I was invited by Aldous to attend the quiz night for bloggers at Grilla Bar and Grill at Kalayaan Ave. Grilla Bar and Grill will be introducing their new cocktail drinks along with their signature dishes.

Here’s what we had that night:

Sizzling lechon baka

The lechon baka was a bit tough but definitely tasty. I just had a hard time eating it specially with my braces.

kkk (krispy kare-kare)

I wasn’t able to taste this one because after it was served, it was wiped out fast. It was okay with me because I don’t eat kare kare. The good thing with this, the peanut sauce was served on the side so non kare-kare eaters (like me) could still have the crispy pata.

pork sisig

They served about 4 servings of their sisig. I guess this is their best seller. But I find the sisig too dry. Maybe because the sisig I got used to is served with mayo and with an egg on top. But I liked that I wasn’t able to distinguish the innards and body parts used. I dont eat other pig parts except skin and meat, sisig is made of innards and pig ears so I’m not sure if its the same. But their sisig was the crispy type so it was okay forme.

tinapa and salted egg rice and garlic longganisa rice

The tinapa and salted egg rice was a hit for me. The tinapa taste was prominent even when you eat the rice alone. This for me was already a complete dish because i love how flavorful this fried rice is.This was good as well. I am biased, because I love fried rice.

The garlic longganisa rice has the sweet flavor of the longanisa, more of like bordering the chorizo taste. The garlic flavor was not prominent but still the dish was delish.

Some of the group size platters were also served

There were also platters served which was good for big groups and for sharing. It was an all meat kind of dinner for everyone. Here’s what my plate looks like.

A small portion of almost everything

After dinner, the Quiz game commenced. I was feeling kind of sneaky because I know my data plan will not fail me (others will depend on the store’s wifi) and that Google is my friend, *smirk*. The easy round was no sweat for the team. But the hard round was a bit tough, the questions were really hard and the time limit was shorter. Sadly, we didn’t win. But we had fun with the game.

To cap off the night,  Grilla Bar and Grill had introduced their new cocktails, the Blue Illusion, Choco Loco and Island Chill. 

Blue Illusion, Choco Loco and Island Chill. 

As a dutiful foodie, of course I tasted all of the cocktail drinks. Island chill is more of pineapple-orange juice with vodka, Blue illusion is more of blue curacao with vodka, I think so it has more of a stronger kick. And the Choco loco is chocolate with liquor.

For me, I like my drinks to be more of flavor than of alcohol. The drink must be able to mask the strong spirit of the liquor. For people who doesn’t drink that much, the island chill would be the safe choice. For people who have tougher tummies, they could go for the choco locco, and for the risky drinkers, they could try the blue lagoon.

Head over to Grilla Bar and Grill and try their new cocktail drinks as well their food.

Grilla Bar and Grill
Kalayaan Ave cor Rockwell Drive, Makati City
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