Start the Oktoberfest Inuman Sessions at Vikings SM Jazz Mall

by Carol Ranas
7 minutes read
October is already in our midst which can only mean one thing. Free-flowing beers and the excuse to drown oneself in different types of beer for the OKTOBERFEST!

Yup, you heard me right. People are excited for October not because it’s just a giant arms length before Thanksgiving and Christmas, but because we are kickin’ off with the festive spirit with our favorite leisure, drinking beer.

Vikings Luxury Buffet is introducing some beer and pulutan favorites in their buffet station. I was invited to Vikings SM Jazz to check out which pulutan dishes they are including in their buffet spread. These Pinoy dishes have been a staple in every inuman session. Aside from overflowing beer, here are pulutan staples that you can now enjoy in Vikings SM Jazz:

Crispy Trio

The Crispy Trio includes some kropek, wings and dynamite. These crunchy munchies are good starters and the perfect match for your first glass of beer.

Balut Salpicao

To make things interesting, Vikings have taken the uncanny “balut” to another level, the Balut Salpicao will surely make your knees stronger for a longer inuman sesh.

This kinilaw is a combination of interesting things, it includes bits of squid, fish and pork belly. resting in a bed of atsara. I don’t like kinilaw much, but this combination is fascinating that I enjoyed digging in. 

As my taste buds evolved, I now learn how to enjoy a good sisig. And Viking’s version of sisig is the bomb! Crispy bits of what-nots that leaves a good spicy kick in the taste buds, you’ll definitely reach for another glass of beer.
Ensaladang Talong, Grilled Squid and Chicken
The inihaw platter almost have everything my tummy desires, Grilled Pork Belly, Grilled Chicken, Grilled Stuffed Squid and Ensaladang Talong. Give me heaps of rice and a tangy mix of soy sauce and chilis as dip and I’ll be one happy kid!

Chicken and Pork Belly Bits
For the main highlight of the spread is this Binusog na Lechon. Who wouldn’t get excited at the mere sight of this glorious lechon. Binusog by this Binusog na Lechon, FTW!
Binusog na Lechon

Vikings makes it more interesting by having you and your barkada play the Vikings Train game. Vikings’ very own drink hack where beers are lined up with different types of shots placed on top. The player tips the first shot into the beer, which creates a domino effect that makes a loud cheering effect in the crowd.

Bloody Mary shots (without the tomato juice)

You can choose from lemon juice shots, bloody mary shots and sake shots to make the drinking game more interesting. You can enjoy this game at half hour intervals, or create your own drink hacks such as mixing 7Up with their beer, turning it into shandy.

Sake shots

Let’s start celebrating the Oktoberfest by drinking to our hearts content! Head over to Vikings SM Jazz and check out these dishes.

But as much as we want to eat and drink all we want, just make sure we are aware of our limits, as a precaution from a concerned foodie, remember to EAT and DRINK MODERATELY! 

Vikings SM Jazz
Metropolitan Ave cor Nicanor Garcia St. Makati
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