Street Food with a Twist at Chef Arch’s Lime Mandaluyong

by Carol Ranas
10 minutes read
Street food had been every Filipino’s favorite go-to food. From Isaw, Betamax, Kwek Kwek and Balut, every Filipino sure craves for these every once in a while. But the health hazard of these street food had been everyone’s main concern for not eating them.

Fret not, you can have your street food craving fix without worrying about Hepatitis or other diseases at Chef Arch’s Lime.

Chef Arch boasts a good background in Food and Beverage Industry. He had been a chef at a few of the Raintree Group of Restaurants like the Museum Cafe. He was also a Chef at prestigious hotels like the Mandarin Hotel. Now living in New Zealand working as a chef, Chef Arch decided to leave a piece of his expertise through his restaurant, Chef Arch’s Lime and Kanto Breakfast Freestyle.

Situated at their household in Mandaluyong, Chef Arch’s Lime restaurants caters to a more laid back crowd who wants good food while having a good chat with friends.

Food Bloggers were welcomed by Chef Arch himself to share with us his delicious creations at Lime. Here’s what we devoured that night:

Balut in Red Wine sauce (Php190)

I seldom eat balut because like other people, I’m totally grossed out to eat a few day old chick, complete with fur, beak and legs. I usually just eat the yellowish part which tasted like yolk and casually sips the nectar from the balut. But these balut were arranged aesthetically to be appetizing. I took a bite on the yellow yolk part and moved to the next dish.

Quail Egg Tempura (Php130)

My favorite street food would be kwek kwek. Chef Arch’s Lime version of Kwek Kwek was surprisingly light and as tasty as the usual kwek kwek. The tempura batter gave the light taste. Best dipped in either both sauces.

Asian Style Nachos with Pico de Galo (Php200)

The difference of this dish to normal nachos was the chips was made of deep fried wonton wrappers. The substitution made the dish light, thin and crispy, which makes you appreciate the pico de galo more. I may have eaten a handful of it that night.

Assorted Street Style Barbecue Platter (Php190)

It’s an assortment of grilled isaw, betamax, tenga and gizzard. I don’t eat any of those for personal preference, but others were happily munching on them. And may I take note how the dish was presented was above a notch.

Kangkong & Kesong Puti Stuffed Chicken Breast w/ Mash & Jus (Php190)

I may have not discerned the taste of kangkong but the kesong puti added a nice texture to the moist chicken breast. Though their mash were a bit dry to my liking.

Embotido Stuffed Crispy Pata (Php340)

This is one deadly dish. The crispy pata was crispy and the embutido gives a surprise added flavor to the crispy pata. Order a generous helping of rice with this dish. 

Crispy Isaw Pizza (Php210)

As I stated earlier, I don’t eat isaw so I’m not too fond of this dish. I just took a small bite, just because it’s freshly made thin crust pizza.

Truffle Four Cheese Pizza (Php210)

I love a freshly made thin crust pizza, irregardless of its flavor. This pizza is no exception. Though the truffle flavor may not be eminent and I can only taste 2 types of cheese, I’m one happy kid with this pizza.

Osso Bucco Kare Kare (Php230)

This is one interesting dish. The meat was soft and tender with a hint of osso bucco flavor. The Osso Bucco beef was topped with Kare Kare sauce and surrounded my vegetables and bagoong. I may not be keen of Kare Kare, but I enjoyed eating this dish.

Hot & Spicy Chili Chicken Wings (Php210)

The name of this dish should not be taken lightly. IT IS, indeed, hot and spicy. The aioli mayonaise was a good choice of dip for these spicy wings. These wings are perfect pulutan choice in my opinion.

License to Chill

We even got to try one of their signature drinks, License to Chill. It is a mix of vodka, melon liqueur and pineapple juice. It tasted sweet like candy, but be warned for it has vodka in it. A few or more sips of it may be intoxicating. 

And for desserts, we had a platter of their chocolate desserts. Salted Caramel Chocolate Cake, Choco Mint Torte, Chocolate Sansrival and ChocNut Cake. My favorite was the Salted Caramel Cake, not much of a caramel taste, but purely moist chocolate bliss. Yum! Though, I wish they had Lime-based desserts, just in line with their name. Key Lime Pie maybe?
It was a fun evening with food bloggers. I never imagined street food taken to the next level, which can be compared to the dishes served in hotels. All dishes were tummy-approved and Instagram-worthy. Thank you Chef Arch and Wazzup Pilipinas for making this event possible.

What is your favorite street food? 

Share it in the comments below!

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