Superbowl of China Php1 Weekday Deals

by Carol Ranas
3 minutes read
A foodie will definitely not say NO to a great food deal.Superbowl of China introduced the Piso Weekday Deals last July 16.

*Foodies rejoice!*

One Wednesday, after constantly bugging my friends to join me for lunch to try the piso deal, they finally obliged. We dined at Superbowl of China Glorietta since it’s nearer the office.

Orders may take a while, but fret not because you can keep your mouth busy by having their unlimited and complimentary kropek.
Fried Chicken
We ordered the fried chicken (I can’t remember the exact name of the dish). My friends are not fond of Chinese food so we settled for it. The chicken was served in a bed of cabbage. The chicken was a bit on the boney side, but tastes great none the less.
Birthday Noodles

I had high expectations with their birthday noodles, like there’s something special that sets it apart from other Chinese restaurant. But it tastes good, just like the others.

One thing that was not enjoyable is that a cup of rice is darn expensive. A 20 peso/cup of rice is okay, but higher than just feels like a big scam, even if they claim it’s Jasmin or whatever type of hybrid rice. But that’s just a complaint of an extra rice eater like me.Overall, the experience was great. The branch was big and can accommodate large groups. One thing that I observed, most average Chinese restaurants have flies all over the place (I’m not sure with those high end Chinese restaurants because I haven’t been to one yet.). As long as the food tastes good, flies are not a big deal for me. I think that flies are just attracted to a strong scent that’s why they linger, but I’m not sure if that is a valid claim.

How’s your Piso Deal experience?GOOD NEWS! The Piso Weekday Deal have been extended till October 15. 2013. Yay!

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