Tipple and Slaw: Serious Biting (and Eating) happening at Forum,BGC

by Carol Ranas
9 minutes read
Sports bar and bistros have conquered Bonifacio Global City. A lot of innovative restaurants have sprouted from all corners of BGC. Foodies like me are rejoicing for more options to try to satisfy our hungry tummies.

Tipple and Slaw recently opened at the Forum, BGC near The Fort Strip. It serves artisan and unique sandwiches, placing all ingredients you can imagine between those two slices of thick bread.

Here’s some of the things we tried that night:


 Corn Fries (Php200)

What makes these fries different are the mashed corn made into stick fries which has more fuller flavor. Their fries are served with BBQ sauce, wasabi mayo, and spiced brown honey mustard on the side.

Chicken Nuggets (Php250)

These are not your  typical store bought nuggets. These nuggets are made with crispy (and real) chicken served with BBQ sauce and honey mustard on the side.

Volcanic Wings (Php380)

Tipple and Slaw’s Volcanic wings sure are tasty. What makes their wings interesting is the blue cheese stuffed inside the boneless chicken wings coated with buffalo sauce. Buffalo wings never tasted this good. Yay!

Burgers, Sandwiches and Wraps

Tipple Burger (Php380)

Their burger is made of smoked fresh ground beef, cheddar cheese, crispy bacon, fresh grilled mushroom with BBQ sauce. I particularly loved their smoked bacon because it bring so much flavor to their dishes.

Truffled Grilled Cheese (Php300)

This dish is our good ol’ favorite grilled 4 cheese sandwich made more interesting and tasty with truffle. It is served with a side of raw honey and tomato soup which is also delicious on its own. Ordering this will surely satisfy your tummy and get you full in no time.

Porcetta Sandwich (P350)

It is Stuffed and roasted pork belly with spicy mustard, creamy horseradish, pickles and coleslaw.

Italian Beef Sandwich (Php350)

This sub is made of roast beef, grilled peppers, Giardi-niera, spicy mustard and beef drippings. This sub is so packed that it will make your jaw sore from serious biting and chewing.

Spicy Chicken Wrap (Php250)

If you are into spicy wrap, this is a sure hit for you. This wrap consists of oatmeal crusted chicken, chopped herbs, smoked chili coleslaw in a green vegetable tortilla wrap. There was no hint of oatmeal in the chicken, but this wrap sure has a spicy kick.

Spicy Seafood Pasta (Php380)

It has generous amounts of grilled shrimps, fresh salmon, crab meat, crab fat and caviar. It is one interesting pasta, but the only thing I loved about it is the heaps of crab meat. The taste is a bit of a let down as compared to the other dishes served which were savoringly good.

Tipple Pizza (Php550)

I loved their thin crust pizza topped with pastrami, corned beef and smoked bacon with  BBQ sauce and ranch dressing. The pizza is so savory, that it’s so delicious.


Smores Ice Cream Sandwich (Php180)

Hands down to this dessert, I must say. It is made of thick vanilla ice cream sandwiched between 2 graham crackers with biscuit spread. Not only that, it is covered in rich chocolate and topped with burnt marshmallows. Ultimate #foodgasm!

Apple Pie French Toast (Php180)

This is a mash up of Apple Pie and French toast goodness. It consists of grilled apples and caramel sauce inside the french toast which is topped with streusel and cinammon dust. It may come off as too sweet but the apple and cinammon gives so much flavor to the dessert. Just wow!

Aside from the interesting sandwiches and awesome desserts, Tipple and Slaw also has a lot of things to try on their menu, including cocktails and drinks which the whole gang will surely love. Get ready for some serious biting (and drinking too!) when you dine at Tipple and Slaw.

What are you craving tonight?

Tipple and Slaw
2nd floor, The Forum

7th Ave, Bonifacio Global City
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Unknown October 13, 2014 - 3:06 pm

The Corn Fries seem a bit pricey but I'm willing to spend to taste it. Is the "Volcanic" dish with bleu cheese spicy? I'm guessing it is from its color. ü

Carol Ranas October 16, 2014 - 10:07 am

Hi Ricky!

It's not your typical buffalo wings dish. It has a spicy kick but the cheese gives it texture which makes the dish more delish.

You need to try it (but with caution since it's spicy indeed)!

Unknown October 17, 2014 - 11:41 am

Thanks, Carol! Actually I can't cheat with spices too much, so if I get the chance, half a spoonful should be enough to taste it. I enjoy reading your blog! I still have some back-reading to do. 🙂