Zomato does Delivery featuring Dadding’s Kitchenette Makati

by Carol Ranas
4 minutes read
Zomato started as a site aiming as a guide for making a foodie’s life easier. It has a massive collection of places to dine for every location in Metro Manila.On their 7th year, Zomato continuously strive to improve customer experience and one of the newest update is incorporating food delivery in their website and mobile app.

How does it work?

In your mobile app, you have to search for the restaurant you wish to order your food (in my case, it’s Dadding’s Kitchenette). You may first browse through their menu to have an idea of the dishes they have and how much it’ll cost you.

After you decided what food to order, you just press the call button from the app (encircled in red) to get re-directed to the store’s phone number (double check if the format of the number is correct). Place your order then. You may want to inform them that you got the number from the Zomato mobile app.

Dadding’s Kitchenette is a small one hole-in-the-wall restaurant that offers typical Filipino dishes. I’m not sure what to expect but based on the menu from the Zomato app, they have the usual and affordable viand dishes. They are strategically located in the busy residential area of Comembo. But if you want to try their delicious and bestseller lechon kawali, then you can use your Zomato mobile app and order from them.

I asked them to deliver my food to the office between 12:00NN-1:00PM, perfect for my lunch break. They came on time with my food. Here’s what I got:

Tapsilog (Php65)

Ensaladang Lechon Kawali (Php80)

It may not look nice in the pictures, but let me tell you it was all good. I particularly loved the Ensaladang Lechon Kawali. Dadding’s Kitchenette is indeed known for their lechon kawali. The bagoong that came with the ensalada is sweet on the side but if you add some chili with it, it’ll be perfect! My co-workers can’t help but ask for a bite of my food, which I willingly obliged. It was one satisfying lunch meal. 🙂

All items in Dadding’s menu (from the app) are affordable. It’s just less that Php100! I can see why people are raving about their dishes, affordable and tasty dishes, now made accessible via the Zomato app.

If you are strapped for time and your tummy badly want to eat something specific, why not try food delivery via the Zomato mobile app? You can get food from your favorite restaurants delivered right at your doorstep. Take note that Zomato is not a food delivery service, They just made it convenient for foodies to reach out to restaurants directly without having to go through a third party delivery app.

Area for Improvement: Phone numbers that are stored does not follow the correct format for mobile phones, so initially you’ll be prompted to a wrong number if you use the call button. You may need to edit the number before you can get through and make your delivery.

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