2009 Metro Manila Film Festival Entries

by Carol Ranas
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Here are the official entries for the 2009 Metro Manila Film Festival:

  1. Ang Darling Kong Asawa
  2. I love You Goodbye
  3. Mano Po 6
  4. Nobody Nobody but Juan
  5. Ang Panday
  6. Shake Rattle and Roll 11
  7. WapakMan
Here are the official entries for the 2009 Metro Manila Film Festival:

  • Ang Darling kong Aswang by M-Zet Productions.

There are two kinds of aswangs: the white and black aswangs. The white ones are merely mischievous while their black counterparts eat human flesh.
The black aswangs in Isla Negra are led by the wicked Barang (Jean Garcia) and in her group are nieces Alfa (Jackie Rice), Beta (Denise Laurel) and Keka (Empress Schuck), nephew Joaquin (Rafael Rosell) and the cruel warlock Gino (Gian Sotto). Ida (Agot Isidro) and her lovely daughter Eliza (Cristine Reyes) are part of them too but they are reluctant to eat human flesh and without Barang’s knowledge, they feed upon animals.
When Joaquin pressures Eliza to marry him, Ida decides to escape and goes to the city. They sought shelter and protection in Ida’s cousin Banong. It is in Banong’s community where Eliza meets Victor (Vic Sotto) and there was instant attraction between the two of them.
Victor is a call center manager who is already a widower. He has two adorable daughters, Darlene (Barbie Forteza) and Angel (Mika dela Cruz). They live with Victor’s father Tata Do (Dante Rivero) who is the barangay captain of the place, Nana Simang (Luz Fernandez), the housekeeper and Tom (Richie D’ Horsie), Victor’s cousin who also works in the call center as a janitor. Gerry (Wally Bayola), the barangay aide is a fixture in the house as well.
Many girls in the workplace are attracted to Victor but he keeps distance from them. He says his loves are his two daughters. But when he accidentally met Eliza, things are bound to change.
Though they belong to different “races,” Ida tells Eliza that it’s not bad to fall in love with Victor for it might free her from the curse of being an aswang because there’s a legend that only the purest of love can turn a “creature of the night” into a normal human being.
Through the prodding of Tom and Gerry, Victor eventually courts Eliza and they became sweethearts. His daughters also came to like her in the long run. But at one point, Eliza reveals to Victor her true identity: that she’s an aswang. She asks him if he will still love her despite her dark secret.

  • I love you Goodbye by Star Cinema


This Star Cinema film is about Adrian (Gabby Concepcion) and his turbulent relationship with Liezl (Angelica Panganiban). However, Liezl is still confused because her past lover Gary (Derek Ramsay) comes back to win her back. Complicating matters even further is the fact that Adrian’s daughter (Kim Chiu) is also attracted to Gary.

  • Mano Po 6: A Mother’s Love by Regal Entertainment


In this story written by Roy Iglesias, Sharon Cuneta plays a Fil-Chinese matriarch named Melinda Uy whose desire is to be reunited with her rebellious daughter Stephanie (Heart Evangelista). The compelling family drama delves on rebuilding relationships and the bond formed within a Chinese clan. It espouses family values and the rich culture and tradition of the Chinese.
Zsa Zsa Padilla is cast as Olive, the scheming sister-in-law of Melinda. Because of Olive’s evil plans, Stephanie will rebel against her own mother. Unlike her siblings (played by Ciara Sotto, Nicole Uysiuseng and John Manalo), she refuses to listen to Melinda. Heart’s character is engaged to be married to the character of Dennis Trillo but she is unaware of the fact that her fiance is actually involved with illegal activities. Melinda tried to convince Stephanie not to push through with her wedding but the young woman already hardened her heart against her mother whom she believes abandoned her in the past.
Mano Po 6 also stars Christopher de Leon as the husband of Sharon and Ryan Eigenmann as the boyfriend of Ciara’s character. JC de Vera and Glaiza de Castro play the younger versions of Christopher and Sharon, respectively. Niña Jose, Zoren Legaspi, and veteran actress Boots Anson Roa are also part of this ensemble film. Kris Aquino has a guest role in the movie as the best friend of Melinda.

  • Nobody, Nobody but Juan by RVQ Productions and Kaizz Ventures, Inc.


Juan (played by Dolphy) is a senior citizen who lives in a nursing home in the United States. In his younger days, he was a vaudeville performer who was part of a comedy duo called Wan and Tu. The younger version of Wan (Dolphy) is portrayed by his son Epy Quizon while Tu is portrayed by his other son, Vandolph.

To entertain himself and ease the loneliness, Juan watches Wowowee on The Filipino Channel (TFC). His enthusiasm for the show rubs on his friends in the nursing home, and they too, turn into “Wowowee” converts – much to the chargin of the strict son of Juan who runs the nursing home.
The elderly Juan misses the Philippines, especially his first love Aida whom he lost touch with during the Japanese occupation of Manila. He finds a way to come back to the Philippines and along the way, he is reunited with his good friend Tu (portrayed by Eddie Garcia). He also finds out the whereabouts of his lady love Aida (portrayed by Gloria Romero).
G Toengi is cast as the wife of Eric Quizon, who is also cast as a son of Juan in the movie.

  • Ang Panday by GMA Films and Imus Productions

Ang Panday revolves around the peace-loving but brave Flavio (Bong Revilla Jr.). His arch-enemy Lizardo (Phillip Salvador) attempts to ruin the peace and harmony of their dwelling place, affecting the inhabitants.
Moreover, the evil warlord challenges Flavio by capturing his beautiful lady love Maria (Iza Calzado). A series of events take place, bringing the blacksmith (panday) at the forefront of a full-blown war against Lizardo’s troops.

  • Shake Rattle and Roll 11 by Regal Entertainment MultiMedia Inc.


The episode “Lamang Lupa” features young stars Jennica Garcia, Rayver Cruz, Iya Villania, Mart Escudero, Bangs Garcia and twin brothers Dominic and Felix Roco.

The story focuses on the lamang lupa of Philippine mythology. A group of friends go camping only to find themselves relentlessly pursued by ferocious creatures who are not dwarves but lamang lupa. Unknown to the barkada, they “disturbed” the creatures’ sacred area and they will pay the price for their mistake. The director for this episode is Jessel Monteverde.

“Diablo” stars Maja Salvador and Mark Anthony Fernandez, two of the finest performers of their generation. Directed by Rico Gutierrez, the episode revolves around Claire, a young doctor-intern at a provincial hospital who is haunted by demonic visions after she encounters a female patient suspected of carrying a deadly flu virus. Claire’s aunt brings her to Fr. Ronnie who turns out be Claire’s ex-boyfriend. Old flames are rekindled as Fr. Ronnie and Claire battle the demons.

Completing this “horror-fest” is the “Ukay-Ukay” story with Ruffa Gutierrez and Zoren Legaspi as a would-be couple Kayla and Harold whose wedding plans are deterred by a possessed vintage gown. When it falls into their hands, heavy breathing, nightmares, dragging footsteps and an apparition of a headless bride start happening. Instead of planning a wedding, Kayla must now fight against the evil spirits. Megan Young is also cast in this episode. Writer-turned-director Don Michael Perez is at the helm.

  • WapakMan by Solar Entertainment Films


Magno (Manny Pacquiao) is an ordinary man whose world revolves around his five kids while his wife, Magda (Rufa Mae Quinto), works as a nurse in Italy.

One night Magno meets an accident. A car crashes into his truck, and upon impact, a big explosion takes place. Miraculously, Magno survives unscathed. The blowup was caused by Walo-walo, an organic substance, which stores energy that is almost as powerful as a nuclear energy. Soon, he wakes up and feels like a new man. Lighter, Faster, Stronger. Interestingly, his new found powers start helping him to become a better dad. His wish of being faster, smarter, and stronger for his family is coming true. He assumes the identity of their favorite superhero: Wapakman!
Soon, Magno learns that Magda has come back to take the kids with her in Italy. Magno wants his family to be together–happy and whole. He doesn’t want to let go of the kids. But, can he be a good dad in the eyes of his kids and still be a superhero? Magno knows that with Wapakman around, the world will be a much safer place for his kids. This is a responsibility he just can not turn away from, but if it means losing his kids… Can he give up being a superhero if it means saving the world? It is the hardest choice he has ever had to face, and he must make a decision–fast!

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