Ferry Mishap at Batangas Port

by Carol Ranas
2 minutes read
Just last week, my friends and I are in Mindoro for a wedding. Our ferry experience was not that great because the waves were wild that time. Now, right after Christmas, another ferry accident had occurred.
Just last week, we visited Mindoro for our Professor’s wedding. We had a great time, and it was my first time to ride a ferry boat. The experience was a bit frightening and rocky because of the fierce waves that time. Good thing we landed Mindoro safely. The most frightening part of the ride was when we were going back to Manila. It was Mid-afternoon, and the waves were terrible. The boat was really rocking hard. We are all alarmed but then we are assured that everything was fine. I was agitated that time because a thought jumped to my mind, the whole year, many sea accident had happened, especially with ferry boats. Good thing we arrived safely and unscathed in Manila.

Now, just right after Christmas, another mishap had happened. A RORO boat named M/V Baleno had crashed and sinked. Out of the 88 passengers, 63 were already rescued and 22 are still missing. Up till now, the coast guard has been busy searching for the remaining survivors. 4 dead bodies had been recovered. To read the full update, Click here for the link
I am really sensing that nearing 2012, many more mishaps is bound to happen. I guess it’s just the way nature revives it’s balance. But then, it is a frightful thought.

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