3 Things We Are Thankful For This 2021

by Carol Ranas
3 minutes read

It’s Thanksgiving week once more. I can’t believe this year had gone so fast (as usual). 2021 may be a bit mild in comparison to the rollercoaster ride we had in the pandemic last 2020. Yet, we are still inside this Pandemic tunnel, trying hard to go to the light at the other side. 

Be Carol Grateful Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving has been a yearly tradition of mine. It is the time for me to pause and reflect about my year. Life will always be hard and it is easy to focus on what is lacking in life. Despite all that, I chose to focus more on what I have and be grateful for the things that was given. I am in the process of being content with the life I am now in, instead of being stressed out thinking about the future. 

Here are three things I am thankful for this 2021:

1. I am thankful for a complete and healthy family

Be Carol family team Perez

Our family has experienced so much here in Europe. We are grateful that we are together in a different country aside from the Philippines. We are in a country where we get to have new experiences and enjoy what the western side of the world has to offer.

2. I am thankful for experiencing camping outdoors.

Be Carol camping Geithoorn

I’ve never been the outdoorsy person. I like my vacations to be in comfort and my idea is kind of touristy. Nature camping is a thing here in the Netherlands. Despite the pandemic, we were able to enjoy the outdoors within the Netherlands through camping. You can actually go nature camping across Europe, which is amazing. So amazing that it is now in my travel bucket list.

3. I am thankful we were able to buy our house in Netherlands.

Be Carol Zandvoort Team Perez

Despite the world pandemic and crazy housing market in the Netherlands, we are grateful for the opportunity to save up and afford to buy a house. One good thing that came out from the pandemic is that we were able to save up more money by spending less on things that are not essential. We had hell of an experience with viewings and getting our mortgage approved. Yet here we are, grateful that we are able to buy our own house. 

Your turn! What are you grateful for this 2021? Share it in the comments below!

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