Autumn, COVID-19 and all Birthday musings

by Carol Ranas
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Wake me up when September COVID-19 ends.

It is the last day of my birth month. When we moved here in Europe, I was looking forward to my birth month because it is the perfect month to travel to catch a bit of summer fever. Usually the summer season is the busiest time to take a vacation. September is perfect as everyone is transitioning out of their summer vacation.

But 2020 is quite a year, as if my year cannot get any weirder. These last five years of my life was all about changes, one after another. As I grow old, my resilience and adaptability to change have been stagnant and on a downward slope. I realised that I wanted something permanent, which is quite impossible nowadays. Life will always throw a curveball, and often times, it always hit me in the face, HARD.

I was looking forward to summer and basking in the sun, yet COVID-19 had different plans. And now, I can feel the familiar cold and gray skies looming over. It’s gonna ba a long and very cold 6 months again. I know I mentioned that I love the cold weather, but what I really want is the spring season. Spring is a nice mix of cold wind and sunshine with a low chance of rain. But COVID-19 came and spring was out of the picture.

Despite all the panic and hysteria happening in the world now, we managed to get a quick break and got recharged. We decided to explore the Netherlands on my birthday. I planned a one week vacation, and it was tiring and the same time fun.

Last year we went to Paris and Disneyland on my birthday. It was nice and fun coz Paris is dreamy. I would have like to go back and explore Paris more (even make it a yearly birthday trip!). This year, we went to Efteling and stayed at their vacation park Bosrijk. It was fun for my son for he can’t stop talking about the rides he wanted to go ride on. I can say we had a full unique Efteling experience.

Despite the anxiety panics I had since COVID-19 came, I am still grateful that I have another year to live. Getting older physically and mentally have been slowly creeping in on me. I am back in a maze where I look desperately lost. They say that you get wiser as you grow old. I want to note that as you grow older, you get more impatient. You notice everything is slowing down (or you are actually slowing down).

I guess what I am trying to say to myself is that I need to focus on these three things this year.

1. Be Patient.
Good things take time. Being patient nowadays is a test of virtue. The world is spinning faster every year, and if you always try to keep up, you’ll end up being crazy (or unhappy). Set goals and be patient. Results will not come in an instant, but it will. You have to be mentally well when that happens.

2. You are in charge of your life.
There are a lot of things to complain about, it never ends. But you are the only one who can change the narrative of your life. I know life sucks now, it is cold and COVID-19 makes it much worse. But what are you gonna do about it? It is what you do with the situation that will define the turn of events in your life. Do your best with what you have and was given to you.

3. Hang in there
It may get harder and harder each day, but hang in there. A lot of things will not turn out the way you want it, and its okay. Resilience have been in your Filipino blood. You are like clay, you can be moulded into something useful. You may turn out to be something amazing after a few years. Just continue putting in the work, even though the light is still nowhere to be found. It will come, one day. HANG IN THERE!

If you reached the end of this post, CONGRATULATIONS! I always write these musing every year whenever my birthday comes. I know it’ll be a pain to read through my haywired thoughts. It is the side effect of getting old. ^_^

What do you usually do on your birthday?

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