Baguio Itinerary (2D/1N) for Panagbenga Weekend

by Carol Ranas
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I love cold places that is why I consider Baguio as one of the closest weekend getaway places Soshi and I usually go to. Our first time in Baguio turned out to be a major food trip. Now that Dexter’s here (our newly acquired Suzuki Ertiga), roadtrips to Baguio have been more fun and easy.

Baguio is the summer capital of the Philippines and people often flock here during the summer. Temperature ranges from 25 degrees and even lower during the first part of the year. But this February, Baguio comes to life because of the Panagbenga Festival.

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Panagbenga Festival is also called the Blooming Flowers Festival. This is a month long celebration, usually celebrated every February. The festival attracts a lot of tourists for Baguio comes to life, covering the city with flowers. The provincial government had prepared a month long activities to celebrate this season. The most anticipated event would be the flower parade where a lot of floats covered with beautiful flowers parade through the streets of Baguio. Spectators can’t help but be in awe on how attractive and creative the floats are.

But we won’t be going there during the peak of the festival. We’ll just have a look of some of the activities for Panagbenga and at the same time cuddle ourselves to the cold climate of Baguio. Besides, It’s the love month season, we have the all the reason to cuddle because of the freezing 19 degrees temperature in Baguio. 😉

Here’s our sample Itinerary for our Baguio Trip this coming weekend:

2 Days 1
Night Baguio Adventure
15 – 16, 2015

*Gas and Toll – just an estimated value (back and forth), it could go lower or higher depending on the route and side trips

*Food – We allotted just 500 per day lang allotted ko, it may vary depending on your own preferences
*Pasalubong – It may vary depending on what pasalubong items you want, so it was not included in the budget.

You can use this as a guide around Baguio. It was our second time in Baguio so we did not include these restaurants on the list for we have already tried there. We are looking for new places to try in Baguio, so most of the places above are places we haven’t been yet.
I’m so excited for the weekend. We are spending the Valentine weekend travelling with friends because it’s more fun and affordable. Roadtrips are a good way to relax and go out of our busy lives in the Metro.
What are your favorite places in Baguio? 

Feel free to share it so we can include it in our side trips.

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