Exploring Billund: Our Lego-Filled Family Adventure

by Carol Ranas
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Did you know that Billund is the home of the Lego Brick?

Billund is the charming Danish town that’s practically synonymous with Lego! If you’re a Lego enthusiast or looking for a fun and family-friendly destination, Billund is the place to be. This post will guide you through our family trip to Billund, highlighting the town’s connection to Lego and all the must-see attractions, including our day at Legoland Billund.

Legoland Billund House Vacation Be Carol

Billund is a small town located in the heart of Denmark, but it’s known worldwide as the birthplace of Lego. The beloved toy company was founded here in 1932 by Ole Kirk Christiansen, and today, it’s home to the Lego Group’s headquarters and Legoland Billund – one of the world’s first and most iconic Legoland parks.

Legoland Billund House Vacation Be Carol

We drove our way to Billund from the Netherlands, which is a whooping 9-hour drive one way! Our journey started at 5:30AM and had two stops along the way, yet nothing stopped our excitement of reaching Billund. We have been to Legoland Germany, so we are definitely pumped to check out Legoland Billund.

Legoland Billund House Vacation Be Carol
Legoland Billund has some similar themes to Legoland Germany like the Miniland, Pirateland, Ninjago, and Duplo Land, mainly because those are the must-see attractions in all Legoland parks. Legoland Billund is launching a new area in their park namely The Ferrari Build and Race, which was unfortunately still closed when we visited. 

Summer may be the best time to visit Legoland because the weather is warm, but keep in mind that most people visit during the summer holidays so it will be crowded. We planned our trip during the May vacation when the weather is a bit forgivable given that it is springtime. Here’s a glimpse of our Legoland trip:

Aside from the Legoland Billund Park, there are also places you can check out in Billund. The Lego House is an immersive museum that celebrates the creativity and innovation behind these iconic plastic bricks. Here you dive into the history of Lego and you can even build your Lego creations here! There is also an interesting restaurant called, Mini Chef, which we happily indulged in. Let me share with you how it went:

Aside from the Lego House and Legoland, there are still other places you can include in your itinerary for Billund. We sure did explore Billund during the spring break vacation. There is a Sculpture Park that you’ll encounter if you choose to walk your way from Legoland Village to the Lego House. We strolled through this beautiful park filled with different Danish sculptures and art installations, which are sure to make the walk to Lego House very interesting.
Legoland Billund House Vacation Be Carol

Legoland Billund House Vacation Be Carol
Lalandia is also another place you can visit in Billund. This indoor waterpark and holiday center is perfect for a rainy day. It features thrilling water slides, wave pools, and relaxing spa facilities. It also includes an indoor playground for kids, restaurants, and cafes for parents, it is indeed a perfect spot for a holiday break. Here’s a glimpse of our experience at Lalandia:

If you think we already explored everything in Billund, yes we did! Yet there are also nice places to check out that is a few minutes away from Billund like the Givskud Zoo and nice Danish town around Billund like Vejle, Kolding, and Jelling.

Legoland Billund House Vacation Be Carol

Overall, Billund is a Lego lover’s paradise and an ideal destination for a family adventure. Whether you’re exploring the town’s Lego history or enjoying the excitement of Legoland Billund, this Danish gem promises unforgettable memories for both kids and grown-ups. So include Billund in your next school holiday plans!

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