Exploring Geithoorn and Camping d’Hof

by Carol Ranas
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Summer season is near! Summer is also known as Camping season. A lot of people and families plan their road trips and camping trips across Europe during this season. Last year, we have discussed trying out camping within the Netherlands for starters, before we venture out to a full blown Europe camping adventure that is in our bucketlist. I have posted two experiences we had in different campgrounds like Kemphaan and Hemels. Now, we travelled up north to check two things in our bucketlist.

Geithoorn Be Carol TeamPerez Boat Tour


Geithoorn is a small town known for as the “Venice of Netherlands. It has always been in our bucketlist as place to visit in the Netherlands. What makes this town so special, is that the town cannot be accessed by car. It is surrounded by waterways, canals and lakes, which makes the town magical, like straight out of a fairytale book. The layout of the town is not optimized for motorized vehicles, so you have to explore the place by foot. Geithoorn is surrounded by rivers and canals, that most houses have bridges to connect them to the main road. 

Geithoorn Netherlands Be Carol

We long wanted to come visit Geithoorn, so we planned that this summer, we’ll camp there. I was able to book a nice campsite at Camping d’Hof. It was a vacation park which has a small area for tent pitchers like us. The good thing is that they have access to the lake, in which you can park your boat.

Geithoorn is a small town, so it is easy to explore for one whole day. The only struggle is that the town is in between lakes, mode of transportation is only by bus or car. There are car parking spots at the outskirt of the town. One of the top activities to do in Geithoorn is a boat tour or rent a private boat. 

Boat Tour Things to do Geithoorn Be Carol

When we visited the town, we rented a small boat for two days and explored the whole town. Most boat rental companies will provide a map of routes you can do depending on the amount of time you rented the boat. Driving the boat is easy to learn, just takes a few minutes to get used to navigating and steering. 

If you do not want to do the boat [I highly suggest you do!] tour, you can just wander around Geithoorn by foot. Explore the different small shops tucked inside the pretty houses, or dine around the restaurants in town. 


There were only a few campgrounds in Geithoorn, and most if them have no electricity outlet. One thing we prefer are campsites with access to an electric outlet nearby the tent. Camping d’Hof is the only campground which has electric outlets near the campground. They have two small campground nearby the lake. 

Camping d'Hof Geithoorn Be Carol

Camping d’Hof is located conveniently south of the main town, in a quiet area with access to the lake. During the summer season, they offer watersport activities and offer gear rentals. We went there during the end of the summer, so we were able to see just a few people trying out kite surfing. 

They have different types of accommodations aside from the tent pitches, like cabins, camping pods and caravan and rooms inside their main building. The place also has a recreation hall and offers laundry service for a fee. They also provide boat rentals, which is essential if you want to explore Geithoorn by water. 

Camping d'Hof Geithoorn Be Carol

We stayed for 3 days, living our best life in the magical town of Geithoorn. We rented a boat for two days and had the campground for ourselves for a day. It was convenient for we were able to park our boat near the campground. I’ll share this video as it best sums up our camping trip.

@carolranas Our last camping vacation this summer in Geithoorn. @imsosh and Dax had so much fun riding the boat! #voorjou #becarol #foryou #teamperez #zomervibes ♬ Love Tonight (David Guetta Remix) – Shouse

Overall, Geithoorn is on top of our list of towns you need to visit in the Netherlands. It is best to visit during the Spring and Summer season so the surrounding nature is alive and thriving. 

Have you been to Geithoorn? Which city one of your favorite in Europe and why?

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