Lucia’s Bed and Breakfast: Hidden Nook in Baguio City

by Carol Ranas
8 minutes read

Travelling on our Anniversary, we always make sure to book the best accomodation possible that is within our budget. We usually splurge an overnight stay in a decent 4-5 star hotel on the day of our anniversary.

But for our trip this year, we decided to go with my gut and booked our 2 nights Baguio Anniversary getaway at Lucia’s Bed and Breakfast. Soshi may be against it because he wanted to stay in a nice (but affordable) hotel, but the minute we stepped in, he was pleased with my decision.

I posed immediately at this pretty reading nook the minute we saw it

What made me consider Lucia’s Bed and Breakfast instead of a hotel in Baguio was their interiors. They have very clean and chic interiors. When I was browsing through Agoda, their photos never fail to catch my attention that makes me want to reconsider them. So we went ahead and booked our two night stay with them.

Common area for guests
We were the only guest that two days stay. Aside from its interiors, the bed and breakfast has areas where you and your friends can enjoy while passing time. They have a fooseball table, couches for reading or just chilling and a long table for guest who wanted to do some work. Yes, they also have working WIFI connection, I was able to accomplish some work there.
Fooseball Table
They have a common dining area guests can eat. They have a dirty kitchen just right outside the screen door, you just need to ask the owner to set it up. We didn’t bother because my itinerary includes a food tour around Baguio. The owner were nice enough to lend us some cups and some utensils from our take out stuff.

Ref and Microwave is not working but still contributed to the homey design of the place.

Lucia’s Bed and Breakfast is a quaint and homey bed and breakfast located in the Navy Base Road Extension. It is located inside the residential area near SLU High School. Your landmark would be the Bonbel Condominium. Lucia’s Bed and Breakfast is just a few houses down from the condo complex. Don’t worry, because the place is totally accessible. There are jeepneys and cabs around the area most of the time. We didn’t have a hard time getting a cab in the area.

Live Room (Php 1,800/night with breakfast) 

They only have 7 adorably decorated rooms. We booked their Live Room at a discounted price (without breakfast) through Agoda, which is good for 2 persons. The room was just enough for two people but I didn’t mind because we just plan to use the room just for sleeping. I had a packed itinerary for our three-day stay in Baguio.

There’s a wide space cabinet for all our things. I used the small bookcase as a work table because it is near the door, and WIFI signal’s not good inside the room once the door is shut.
I was happy when I saw the Body Shop shower gels that we can use in the bathroom. The cold breeze may be a challenge for bathing. Fret not, the have a working hot and cold shower.

Overall, we got the value for what we pay. The lack of air conditioning unit and fan inside the rooms wasn’t much of a big deal anymore because of the cold Baguio breeze. It was cold enough inside the room, specially during night time. Since we were the only guest there, there was an eerie and spooky feel. I just shrugged it off attributing it to my  paranoia. Baguio has a lot of  horror tales (and we are a bit near Teacher’s Village and the Laperal House also), good thing we weren’t able to experience any.

Lucia’s Bed and Breakfast is good for families and group of friends who wanted to enjoy the Baguio experience in an affordable but still comfortable way.

What is your favorite place in Baguio?

Lucia’s Bed and Breakfast

  • 7 Navy Base Road Extension
  • Baguio City
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