Freshly Cooked Asian Dishes at Zhu Kitchen BGC

by Carol Ranas
9 minutes read
Zhu Kitchen is a small kitchenette located at the heart of BGC. Managed by Chef Karl, a former veteran, he had turned Zhu Kitchen as a laid back place to dine with the whole family.

I was invited for a Zomato meetup, where foodies and Zomads convene to talk about, of course, food. I enjoy attending these foodie meetups because I get to bond with fellow foodies and share with them a lot of things. Chef Karl has shared a lot of war stories that were admirable. It was a joyful event with a sumptioous spread.

I love that Zhu Kitchen’s interiors are simple and neat. It resembles to a very posh “karinderia” because of it’s setting: An open kitchen where you can actually see how your noodles are made and simple line of tables and chairs. Despite the simplicity in decors, Zhu Kitchen pride itself of its dishes. They cook the dishes on the spot so guaranteed that you’ll get freshly cooked meals.

Here’s a glimpse of what we had that night:

Deep Fried Seafood XO Radish Cake (Php168)

This was my favorite dish that night. This dish was crunchy in the outside but soft and tender inside. It somehow have the same texture as tofu but definitely much savory than plain tofu.

Steamed Hakaw (Php125)

Hakaw is my favorite dumpling, But I end up feeling disappointed finding a small piece of shrimp, or worse just half of a shrimp inside the wrapper in other restaurants I dined. I love that Zhu Kitchen’s Hakaw consists of actual two pieces of shrimp.

Pork Siomai (Php90)

These Pork Siomai tasted like the normal homemade siomai. I know the difference between a commercial siomai and homemade siomai by taste experience. Definitely yummier than the commercial ones.

Spinach Seafood Soup (Php80)

This soup was a packed with the healthiest ingredients I know: seafood, spinach and tofu. It resembles an Egg Drop Soup that has a lot of healthy ingredients.

What it looks like when served
White Sauce Seafood Baked Rice (Php 245)

We weren’t able to figure out this dish at first. But once we dug in and mixed the dish, seafood rice burst out to life. I didn’t expect this dish to be heavenly. It may look unappetizing, but you surely would want to try this dish. Tummy Satisfaction Guaranteed!

Beef La Mian (Php175)

Zhu’s Beef La Mian is very tasty. In order to incorporate all the flavors, you have to make sure to mix everything well.

Sweet and Sour Pork (Php250)

Their sweet and sour pork is the typical one that is served in chinese restaurants. It tastes good but among all the dishes served, I find it less tempting.

Hot Prawn Salad (Php 360)

This hot prawn salad was refreshing. It consists of creamy prawns on a bed of fresh fruits and vegetables. Yum yum!

Crispy Cereal Prawns (Php360)

I’m not fond of crispy cereal prawns. I first tasted it in a Singaporean hawker store and Zhu Kitchen’s cereal prawns taste the same. I’m not sure how to describe it, but the texture that the cereals give to the coated prawns doesn’t sit well on my taste buds.

Special Taho (Php 168)

This is one of the special desserts at Zhu Kitchen. What makes this special is that their taho doesn’t contain any artificial ingredients. There is a noticeable difference in texture with Zhu Kitchen’s tofu with the local tofu sold commercially.

Zhu Kitchen reminded me of a homey kitchen where moms usually prepare meals for the family. If you are looking for home cooked Asian meals which are affordable and delicious, you should try Zhu Kitchen. It is convinently located in the busy street of Bonifacio Global City.

Thank you Zomato for another merry foodie meet-up. Looking forward to more meetups with fellow foodies!

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Zhu Kitchen
Ground Floor, 32nd & 5th Building
5th Avenue Corner 32nd Street, Bonifacio Global City
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