The New Dial Coconut Water Bath Essentials Line [Review]

by Carol Ranas
4 minutes read
Every Filipinos love to bath. I think that it is because of our tropical humid weather that makes us water-loving creatures. Bathing has been one of the things that I spend luxurious amount of time. That is why I love hoarding bath essentials that smells good and refreshing.

I was lucky to try Dial’s newest variant, Dial Coconut Water. Dial has been in the market for as long as I remember. Dial bath soaps are essentially imported from the United States, but they are very affordable and accessible in our local supermarkets as well.

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I have a very dry and flaky skin, which tends to become worse, specially during this cold -ber months. Thanks to AMPR, I was given a DIAL sample pack to try which includes Dial Coconut Water bath soaps and two huge Dial Coconut Water Shower gels. I gave Dial a try for a few months by swapping it to my daily bath soap.
Dial Coconut Water Body Soap

Aside from its natural ingredients, Dial Coconut Water bath soap smells like fresh leaves after a rain with a hint of coconut cream. After lathering it through your body, it leaves a fresh minty scent which I love. It leaves my skin squeaky clean and smelling fresh.

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As for its moisturizing capabilities, it doesn’t do that much for my skin. It leaves my skin clean, but still dry and thirsty for moisture. I still need to lather a rich lotion to tame down its dryness.
Dial Coconut Water Shower Gel
The shower gel has almost the same composition as the bath soap. The shower gel leaves a more prominent coconut cream smell that I kinda love (and hate at times). For the moisturizing properties, the shower gel certainly leaves my skin clean as well as hydrated. 

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I finished two bars of Dial Coconut water bath soap, and I’m just halfway through my shower gel. I would definitely recommend the shower gel for gals with dry and flay skin like me. 
Smother up Ladies, our skin needs more hydration in this cold holiday weather. Why don’t you give Dial Coconut Water a try?
Dial Coconut Water Bath soap and Shower Gel are available in leading supermarkets. 
Special Thanks to AMPR for sending over a generous sample of  Dial Coconut Water soap and Shower Gel.

*Pardon the pictures, my memory failed me and I have finished/distributed the products to my family to try even before taking a picture of the package. #epicfail

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