Tree Top Adventure at Camp John Hay Baguio

by Carol Ranas
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My friends and I spent the Valentines Weekend (and also Panagbenga Weekend) at Baguio. We were hoping to relax and enjoy the weekend as we sink ourselves with the cold Baguio breeze. On of the things-to-try on my itinerary (which can be found here) was the Tree Top Adventure at Camp John Hay.

Tree Top Adventure is located inside Camp John Hay, beside the Bell House Museum. They are conveniently located through the vastness of the tall and sturdy pine trees of Baguio. One can appreciate nature while having an adrenaline rush from their activities like Superman, Canopy Ride, Silver Surfer and Tree Drop.

the boys from our group

When we went there, to our unfortunate luck, the rain poured hard. But that didn’t stop us to give Tree Top Adventure a try. Soshi and I were feeling adventuruous and hoping to try their Tree Drop ride, which is similar to a bungee jump.

Foggy forest of Camp John Hay

Upon entering, you’ll be greeted by their staff . The first step was a  de-briefing of what to expect from Tree Top Adventure. All rides are available except for the Tree Drop ride due to safety reasons (the ropes are slippery because of the non stop rain). We were downhearted but of course, our safety must always come first.

Map of the Tree Top Adventure Area

Ate was explaining to us how each rides work and instilled to us that we must be willing to “Get Wet and Dirty” for it is a nature activity. Soshi and I decided to try the Superman ride while our friends just settled for the Skywalk and Trekking.

We were directed to the pavillion where the second step was. We were asked to sign a waiver and claim our tickets.

waiver signing

All set for the Tree Top Adventure

We trekked down the mountain going to the Skywalk and Superman ride area. According to the map, were were suppose to trekk approximately half a mile to get there. The Skywalk is quite near the Superman ride so it was convenient for us.

It was a muddy and rainy trek

Trek deep into the forest
We were able to pass by the Canopy Ride and Silver Surfer ride. The Canop ride seemed to be much fun. 
Canopy ride 
Silver Surfer ride

Upon arriving the Superman ride, Soshi and I wore raincoats for us not to get soaked in the rain while on the ride.

Feeling like wizards with our capes on

flight of stairs going up to the ride. 

The Superman ride is a 200 cable zipline 150 feet above the ground. As you traverse through the zipline, you’ll marvel through the amazing view of the mountain and trees. You’ll be hanging with full support and harness from the waist and you’ll have two poles that will support your arms and legs.

When you are already in position, you’ll be pulled first at a speed of 9 meters/second which was a bit scary, specially during the end because the speed decelerates. After reaching the end point, you’ll again be pulled forward back to the original post at the same speed.

It was so much fun and exhilerating despite the bone chill we felt which I don’t know if it was from the ride or the rainy and chilly baguio weather all in one. It was funny because Kuya, the guy who assisted us mentioned that we do look like superheroes because of the cape (from the flap of the raincoat) and he jokingly mentioned we should have worn our underwear inside out so as to resemble Superman’s costume.

Unfortunately we weren’t able to appreciate the view of the mountains because the fog was too thick, you can’t barely see anything. 

After the Superman ride, we resumed trekking back to the Skywalk area. The Skywalk is a large steel platform that has the astounding view of what they called the “Old Baguio”.

Skywalk platform
Our view of the foggy Old Baguio
height from above

testing the strenght of the platform

We also can barely see anything because of the thick fog. It’s as if we were in the movie “The Mist” where the whole area was engulfed with fog/mist. So, we just took some pictures and enjoyed the cool breeze.

the rain stopped as soon as we exit Tree Top Adventure

It was unfortunate that it rained but we were able to enjoy ourselves at Tree Top Adventure. It would be more fun to try and experience the other rides like the Tree Drop (which we were dying to try), the Silver Surfer and Canopy. It would be best to check the weather first before going there to fully experience the thrill of their rides and also to appreciate the marvelous view of the mountains of Baguio.

What adventure would you like to try?

Tree Top Adventure Baguio
Special Economic Zone, Camp John Hay,
Loakan Road, Baguio City
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monica ayungao February 25, 2015 - 1:05 am

wow! I wanna try it too. It sounds interesting! omg omg! haha.

Carol Ranas March 2, 2015 - 4:34 am

@monica: Yeah, it is fun.. You should definitely try it this summer because the weather's perfect. You'll see how beautiful Baguio really is.. ^___^