An Alta Valentines Date at Buddha Bar Manila

by Carol Ranas
7 minutes read
Soshi and I jumpstart our Valentines Weekend by dining at the very posh restuarant Buddha Bar. I’ve been to Buddha Bar several times with friends and for events, and the place never fails to amaze me every time I go there. It’s as if I stepped into another place where luxury is a norm.

For Valentines, Buddha Bar Manila has a promo for couples who wanted to make their evening extra special.

For Php1700/pax, One can enjoy a five course meal, specially prepared by Buddha Bar to make your Valentines Day extra special. It was offered from Feb 13-14 and for every person who availed the dinner, they get a chance to win a grand suite hotel in Boracay.

Soshi and I decided to spend our Valentines by availing Buddha Bar’s Valentine Dinner. It was spontaneous and out of the blue (also it was a payday Friday as well and we’re feeling extra luxurious). We called and asked more information about the promo and immediately booked  a table for two around 9:00 PM.

Valentines Menu

Buddha Bar was perfect that night, dim lighting that a candle light dinner was a good idea for a valentines date. Unfortunately, our food photos were not that great.

As soon as we were seated, the attentive staff asked us what drink we’ll be having. They offered a choice of red or white wine, which was included in the menu. We both chose white wine and asked for a glass of water. The funny thing was they have a selection of water, from distilled to sparkling. They have San Perigrino and Evian. I never liked those so I just asked for tap water with ice.

Baby Prawn Ceviche

First thing that was served was this dainty appetizer called Baby Prawn Ceviche. It was so small that Soshi had hesitate on eating it. He doesn’t eat stuff that he doesn’t know what and how it’s made of. So I told him that it was minced prawns with avocado and balsamic glaze. The tiny red balls were actually watermelon with feta cheese.

The next thing that was the Tomato soup. It came in a small bowl, as much as we want to take a picture, it just came out dark. the tomato soup came with petite tortellini and vegetable chifonade. It has a bold sour tomato flavor.

Seared Ahi Tuna Salad
Next was the Seared Ahi Tuna salad. This was a petite and barely a handful salad. The greens were glazed with vinagrette while the green stuff beside the ahi tuna were edamame puree.

Beef Tenderloin

For the main dish, Soshi ordered the Beef Tenderloin, which was rare and juicy. The beef was tasty because of the Thai pepper marinade. It came with pumpkin strings (which Soshi fondly called “Picnik”), shallot butter, rustic mash, herb sprouts and vegetable bouquet.

Snapper and Salmon

For me, I ordered the Snapper and Salmon dish. It was Szechuan Salmon and Shiso Ginger Snapper that came with Lobster cream sauce, Black Tobiko and Lime Jelly. I didn’t like the snapper that much but loved the salmon dish.

Double Chocolate Kiss

For desserts, I decided to get the Double Chocolate dish which consists of Raspberry white chocolate on a bed of milk chocolate crunch. I’m not fond of the chocolate crunch, which was hard to chew because of my braces. So I just scraped off the soft raspberry white chocolate and ate all of it.

Fresh Fruits platter

Soshi is not fond of sweets so he settled for the fresh fruit platter that is made of slices of melons, mangoes, watermelon, pineapple and grapes.

After the meal, we asked for some hot tea to aid in digesting all the dishes we ate. Despite the dishes being dainty and small, our tummies sure were bursting full.

Php1700 is a bit steep but come to think of it, Valentines happens only once a year and it’s not the time to be stingy specially if you want to make your loved one feel extra special. It was a first for Soshi and me and we did enjoy the night with good food and pleasant conversation. It really sets the romantic mood that night. Definitely BURGIS!

What did you do on Valentines Day?

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