Master Cleanse Day 10..

by Carol Ranas
2 minutes read

Alas, the last day I’ve been waiting for, the last day of the cleanse. Finally I’m about to have something other than the lemon juice with cayenne. I was really looking forward to the ease out process. There had been precautions on what to do days after coming off the cleanse.

Easing out the Master Cleanse:
After doing the minimum 10 days on the cleanse, one must not jump on resuming their normal eating patterns. While the digestive system had been used to having just the lemon juice, there had been tendencies that the lining on the stomach thins out. If one resumes normal eating habits right after the cleanse, there are tendencies for an upset stomach and other complications. It is important to undergo the easeing out process in order to prepare the newly cleansed organs for normal eating.

Day 1 (Ease-Out)
Drink a glass of freshly squeezed orange juice in the morning while on an empty stomach. Though some may be horrified with this idea because of the acidity of the orange juice. But for me, (I had been hyperacidic before doing the cleanse) it went out just fine. But be careful to drink the juice slowly to avoid an upset stomach. Drink orange juice for the whole day. The orange juice will prepare the digestive system for the food intake.

Day 2 (Ease Out):
Continue drinking the orange juice for the whole day. One may also continue drinking the lemon juice concentrate. For lunch or evening, vegetable soups may be added. The vegetables can be eaten but in fewer concentrations.

Day 3 (Ease Out):
Same as Day 2, but vegetable salads may be eaten for dinner.

Day 4 (Ease Out):
Normal and healthy eating habits may be resumed.

After the ease out process, one can employ other diets to maintain the healthy lifestyle. Some had observed gaining some weight after the ease out. For me, after the ease out, I’ll definitely do South Beach again. I have loved the results, though there are some certain restrictions. I would also try to do some cardio-vascular activities. Now that my metablism had been a bit active, I’ll make sure to burn off those stubborn fats on my hip and thigh area.

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