Master Cleanse Day 5..

by Carol Ranas
1 minutes read

I woke up feeling abit groggy (maybe because it was lack of sleep). I only slept for 4 hours (I must try to sleep early now). I manage to drag my body off to work. Everthing was fine when I was taking calls, it’s just that I feel really sleepy but not too sleepy that my lids are falling off. We did another training for about an hour and clocked out. I did not roam around Glorietta anymore for I was feeling kind of exhausted. I went directly home, finding Joel and his group working Robo-SVP.(They still are not sleeping!!) I did my usual routine, I drank my tea and went off to take a nap before the movement comes. I manage to finish 1L of the juice mixture (it’s minimum but still I have to drink about 6-12 glasses). I increased the sugar cane juice concentration because I needed more calories to work out my activities for the day (I tend to lick off the spoon and sip a bit of the sugar cane juice). I’m happy because I’m halfway through the cleanse. Yay! I managed to last this long. 5 more days and I’m off the cleanse. I’m feeling a bit confident about my body because my stomach is soooo flat I’m liking it.

Not much activities this day, I must start studying for my exams on Friday. I hope the cleanse will help me focus more on studying..

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