Master Cleanse ay 6 & 7

by Carol Ranas
1 minutes read

Day 6 and 7 of the cleanse went well for me. My cravings for foods are diminished. Seeing food is much bearable now (though aromatic foods are hard to resist). I just cannot kick this habit of drinking less liquid. At the middle of the day, I felt dehydrated. I was supposed to finish 6 glasses of the juice but I just managed to finish 4 glasses a day. I have read in a forum that if you wanted to lose more, I have to increase the juice intake. My sugar cane juice tasted bad because it was spoiled already (that was the reason for the gaging taste of the juice). I bought a fresh supply and the guy in the stall told me that the juice should be placed in the freezer to ensure it’s freshness. The sugar cane juice lasts for two weeks if placed in the freezer. (oh, my mistake, I just placed it in the refridgerator)
I bought a sea salt with the shaker and will try the salt water flush tomorrow. (I hope I could gulp down the whole 1 liter). Feeling abit sluggish (maybe because of dehydration). Tomorrow, I will try to drink more juice in order to lose more weight. There is still a sag skin on my tummy that I wanted to remove (maybe some excercise will do the trick).

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