A new Skincare Routine this colder season with Menard Tsukika Line

by Carol Ranas
4 minutes read
As the months get colder, my skin gets dryer and harder to manage. That is why I usually look for thicker moisturizers and lotion to manage that problem. My instant go to product is Nivea’s intensive cream which I find too thick and icky, but very effective in managing my dry flaky skin.

I received a parcel from my aunt all the way from Japan. It contains some of my “bilins” and this cool Menard Tsukika Skincare Set. What is awesome about my aunt is that apart from the full size set, she also sent me sample boxes that I can bring whenever I travel. How cool is that?

I googled about the brand and found very promising details:

The Menard Tsukika Skincare line embraces your skin with a fresh and smooth sensation. It helps moisturizing your skin even if it is exposed to severe environmental conditions; such as, dry air and ultraviolet rays, or affected by aging. TSUKKA helps to improve cell energy and normalize skin turnover. Some of its key ingredients are Night Blooming Cereus flower extract and Hyalluronic Acid.

This is what the set looked like:

with boxes

what’s inside the box

The box includes a make-up removal cream (cleansing cream), facial foam cleanser (washing cream), toner (lotion), massage cream, milk lotion and cream. It is an extensive skin care regime. For daytime, you use the washing cream, lotion and milk lotion.

L-R: Cleansing Cream, Washing Cream, Lotion, and Milk Lotion 

For the nightime routine, you start with the cleansing cream to remove your makeup, followed by the washing cream. Then you use the massage cream and massage your face for a few minutes. The box includes a pamphlet with a guide on how to massage your face. It’s quite similar to what is usually done during facials. You wipe off the massage cream and proceed with the lotion. Then you slather your face with the milk lotion and cream after.


Since my skin can’t take too much cream during night time because I’m prone to breakouts, I use the massage cream and cream in rotation. I bought a facial brush at Daiso for the washing cream to make things easier.

So far, after a month of use, my skin looked bright and noticeably clear. What I enjoyed about this skincare set is the discovery of how to use facial foam cleansers properly. The facial brush made a huge difference to my cleansing routine. My skin absorbs the milk lotion faster than the massage cream and cream. My skin is really not digging the cream because of it’s thick consistency, which leaves my skin too oily instead of being hydrated.
I’ll observe more and update you after I finished the set halfway through. 
What is your recent beauty regimen?

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