Cable Car Sapphire: A new drinking spot in Ortigas

by Carol Ranas
10 minutes read
Cable Car have been in the restaurant industry since 1992. I remember when I first went in Cable Car Makati, Soshi and I played beer pong with KC Montero and Jimmy Muna, and we actually won that night.

Fast forward to present time, Cable Car now has four branches here in Metro Manila (Makati, Timog, BGC and Ortigas). We went in for a foodie meetup at their newest branch in Ortigas. Cable Car have been long known for their comfort food faves that goes really well with their beers and drink selection. Most diners keep going back to Cable Car because of its fun and at the same time chill environment.

Almost all Cable Car branches have the same ambiance. Cable Car Ortigas have a high ceiling where there is also a seating area for diners just above their bar. Cable Car Ortigas is tucked inside the new building, Sapphire Bloc near Marco Polo.

Apart from their bar chow favorites (I mean, who doesn’t love Cable Car’s sisig?!), here are some of the dishes you can also try at Cable Car Ortigas:

Diablo Fries (Php300)
I enjoyed the taste of these Diablo Fries, it was savory with a mild heat aftertaste. 

Potato Skins (Php200)
I know you’re supposed to eat the skins as well, but I don’t like potato skins in general, so I scoped and ate just the filling.

Shrimp Scampi Pasta (Php260)
The pasta was also tasty and filling in general.

Sr. Gripman Burger (Php270)
The burger appeared to be a normal burger. But we were told that they are in the works of improving the burgers by having the patty grilled and adding a few burger varieties. It was good news for me because a good burger is a staple in any good bar or pub.

Heartbreaker Pizza (Php495)
The reason it is called the Hearbreaker Pizza because this pizza is topped with all the meat that will make your heart fail. The bits of meats are not visible because they are all covered in melted cheese. But this pizza is one good all-meat pizza that matches your beer. 
Buffalo Chicken Rice Melt (Php199)
This dish is a stunner. It’s creamy and tasty at the same time. The flavors were interesting, I was looking for the prominent buffalo chicken taste but it was fused with the cheesy and creamy sauce. It was deliciously good.

Seafood Rice (not on the menu)
This seafood rice reminded me of Jambalaya rice. It may not be as spicy as it’s suppossed to be (which is fine for hard headed foodies like me who still eats those food that are prohibited due to ailments) but you can build up the heat by adding some chili rojo hot sauce.
Pint of Draft Hoegaarden (Php249)
This is exactly what I was looking forward ever since I got the invite. Hoegaarden is the only beer that I prefer drinking. It is sweet with just a subtle bitterness from the white ale.You wont even taste the bitterness if its served ice cold. And yeah, I finished the whole pint even though I know its bad for my gastroenteritis. ;p

Tokwa’t Baboy (Php190)
I love a good tokwa’t baboy, those slivers of pork with fat, crispy tofu swimming in a vinegar concoction is pure bliss. Cable Car’s version is a bit different than what I’m used to. The “baboy” in the dish are chopped pig ears or face I think, in which I don’t usually eat. So yep, I took a bite and skipped this dish as soon as I discovered what it really is.

Punyeta (Php110)
This cocktail drink is a bit mellow, so it’s safe to order the Punyeta (despite its name). For fun, try to order this drink as eloquently as possible. “Isa ngang Punyeta! please? “ Haha!

Furolocco (Php240)

This is one interesting but deadly drink. Make a bet and have someone drink this in one sip. It is an explosion of flavor and alcohol in your mouth that’ll make your throat numb and make your head spin (Well, at least for me). Lucky Brithday celebrants gets a Furolocco treat if you advised them that there is a someone celebrating their birthday.

Overall, Cable Car Ortigas is a cool place to hang out. The place is a bit hidden to the normal crowd, which gives an exclusive feel. o wonder most celebrities hang out here because they can be themselves and have fun, hidden from the prying eyes of the public. I’m gonna go back and enjoy my pint of Hoegaarden. I might try their famous Cable Car rice and crunchy sisig (I am salivating while typing this).

Where is your favorite Bar to hang out?

Cable Car Ortigas
The Sapphire Bloc, Ortigas Center, Pasig City
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